How do you get wholesale accounts for Amazon FBA in 2024?

How do you get wholesale accounts for Amazon FBA in 2024?

As an Amazon seller, nothing beats the thrill of landing a lucrative wholesale partnership with a leading supplier. Just imagine - access to top-selling brands, lower costs, and fatter profit margins. It’s every seller’s dream.


However, it can feel like trying to find a diamond hidden in a mountain for many. How do you even begin to convince reputable suppliers to give you the time of day?


We've been there. And after countless cold calls and emails that went nowhere for a long time, we’re finally seeing results up to this day.


In this guide, we'll share the step-by-step game plan on how to acquire Amazon wholesale accounts in 2024, so you can start making your mark on the marketplace for good.

Steps to Land Wholesale Accounts & Sell Big on Amazon in 2024



Moreover, focus on building relationships through open communication, resolving issues, and delivering results.

Step 1: Research Suppliers and Products That Sell Well

Before reaching out to anyone, you need to identify potential targets. Nowadays, we use tools like SmartScout and DS Amazon Quick View to search for and compile a list of brands that meet three vital criteria:




Multiple FBA sellers

Shows there's demand

Not dominated by Amazon

Means there’s less competition

Strong sales history

Proves these are products people want


Ready to start searching? Open SmartScout then do the following:

  1. Set the filters to:


  • Maximum Amazon stock rate of 60%
  • Monthly revenue estimate between $40,000 - $500,000 (feel free to adjust this range based on your preference)
  • Minimum of 3 FBA sellers


  1. Next, open each potential brand that gets listed in a new Amazon tab. Afterward, use the three criteria mentioned above to narrow down your choices. DS Amazon Quick View will reveal the details for all three for each brand.

  2. Once a brand passes the criteria, start searching its website on Google. Look for the contact form or other ways you can request a wholesale account.


You don’t have to limit yourself to software when looking for wholesale accounts in 2024. Uncover more leads by:


  • Searching for local wholesalers in your niche through Google
  • Checking wholesale directories
  • Attending or researching relevant trade shows
  • Looking at product labels for distributor details

Extra Tips Worth Noting

  • Don’t waste your time on small fry


It’s important to not get fixated on brands with no existing sellers - better to have some competition than for your resources to go down the drain before you even begin.


  • Use tech to your advantage

It may take a bit of time to go through all the suppliers SmartScout will provide – but, trust us, it’s worth it.

Plus, we can’t think of a better software that practically hands leads to you. In the past, we had to settle for two leads a month!


  • Capitalize on Fortune’s favor


Good fortune can give you a leg up, so be alert for opportunities that come your way.


For instance, we once gained wholesale accounts simply because the suppliers happened to be our neighbors! More often than not, success comes from simply being mindful of opportunities that knock.

Once you have promising targets, learn everything about their products, requirements, and pain points. This intel will be crucial when you start to reach out.

Step 2: Craft a Polished Introduction

Now comes the fun part - contacting suppliers by phone or email. To stand out from the flood of inquiries they get, lead with your strongest credentials:


  1. Explain you intend to sell their products on Amazon.
  2. Briefly share your company name, products, and Amazon sales track record. Quantify your success if possible.
  3. Share expected order volumes and your confident sales projections.
  4. Emphasize you'll represent their brand extremely well.
  5. Keep it short, and professional, and use a business email if possible. The goal is to show you're an impressive seller ready to commit.
  6. Express your desire to pay upfront. This shows that you are strongly invested.

Step 3: Don’t Give Up Too Quickly

Got denied? Don’t wave the white flag just yet! This was one of our fatal mistakes in the early days. Be persistent and ask them the reason for rejection.


  • Here’s a tip: Try to offer a counter-proposal like sharing your ready desire to buy from them in bulk, for example. It’s often hard for suppliers to turn these offers away, and it only highlights your belief in their products.


  • If you remain in the game, you immediately stand out from other sellers who quit prematurely. It’s been proven time and again that some prospects take weeks of consistent follow-ups to finally approve.

Step 4: Foster Mutual Growth and Trust

Of course, the journey never stops at acquiring wholesale accounts. From here on, it’s all about nurturing the trust you’ve sown – and focusing on continued growth. You can do this by:


  1. Helping address an issue the supplier may be having at present.


Maybe they’re having trouble getting product visibility and sales. You could offer them your PPC advertising expertise or other viable solutions.


  1. Being transparent and open.


By introducing yourself and opening up a little, you only set yourself up for getting much-needed approval and better relationship building.

This includes revealing necessary information that will keep the supplier’s sales process running smoothly.

  1. Maintaining an open line of communication.


This means you’re ready to respond promptly and deliver on agreed timelines. This also readily expresses your desire to get regular feedback on what needs to be improved.

Lay the Groundwork and Execute

Wholesale selling on Amazon in 2024 takes preparation, persistence, and patience. With realistic expectations and a solutions-focused mindset, it’s always entirely possible to secure lucrative wholesale accounts that will help your Amazon take off and scale exponentially.


Based on first-hand experience and historical data, the effort is well worth the long-term profitability and stability.


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