How Do You Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant for Amazon's FBA Business?

How Do You Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant for Amazon's FBA Business?

Are you overwhelmed with administrative work and struggling to generate new sales? It’s probably time to hire a virtual assistant. After all, if you want to grow your Amazon business, you can't stay as a solopreneur forever.


There are several reasons why hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for Amazon's FBA business:


  1. Saves time and money – Virtual assistants work remotely, as the name suggests. They use their own equipment and cover work-related utilities. Additionally, you don't need to hire multiple individuals for various tasks. They can handle a wide range of responsibilities.


  1. Increased productivity – One likely reason you have trouble accomplishing enough work is that the core duties you fail to do distract you. A virtual assistant can be more productive as they are not subject to the same distractions and can focus solely on administrative and account management tasks.


  1. Allows you to perform core tasks – Now that you have someone to handle basic tasks, you can focus on prospecting, data analysis, reinvestment, and other core duties essential for driving growth in your Amazon business.


Generalist or Specialist?


You can choose from two types of virtual assistants: generalist and specialist.


A generalist virtual assistant handles basic tasks like inventory management, order fulfillment, product research, and customer support.


On the other hand, a specialist virtual assistant possesses specific expertise that a generalist virtual assistant may lack, such as graphic design, copywriting, accounting, and web development.


Before deciding which type of virtual assistant to hire, carefully assess your needs. If you also manage marketing campaigns outside Amazon that involve content creation and management, you may need to hire both types.


Reasons to Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant for Amazon FBA


Hiring a virtual assistant can be tricky because you don't have the opportunity to meet them face-to-face. It's hard to assess their qualities and skills based solely on tests or interviews.


One solution is to find out where other Amazon sellers typically hire their VAs. They'll probably direct you to the Philippines. Filipino virtual assistants are renowned for delivering exceptional services to Amazon sellers worldwide.


Here's why you should hire a Filipino virtual assistant for Amazon's FBA business:


  • Highly skilled – Freelancers from the Philippines know that to stand out and secure jobs, they need to master multiple skills. This makes it easy to find candidates capable of handling the various tasks involved in managing an Amazon store. Additionally, there are companies in the Philippines dedicated to training and deploying virtual assistants. You can hire a virtual assistant through them.


  • Good communicator – Language barriers can cause many problems, such as miscommunication, reduced productivity, costly errors, and isolation. You won't have this problem with Filipino virtual assistants because they have excellent verbal communication skills. Many of them speak English fluently and can handle customer support with ease. 


  • Fast learners – Flexibility is among the qualities that set Filipino freelancers apart. They can quickly adapt to the demands of their job, learning skills they previously lacked to meet new targets and standards.  


  • Low cost – A Filipino virtual assistant can provide the same, if not better, services for half the price if you hire locally. For instance, in some states, the salary of a virtual assistant starts at as high as $3000/month. Many Filipino virtual assistants are willing to accept the job for as low as $1200/month.


  • Long-term – Most Filipino virtual assistants are looking for long-term employment. Once they find your offer, schedule, and scope of work fitting for their skills and availability, they'll stay with you for many years. 


How to Hire a Reliable Filipino Virtual Assistant


Finding a reliable Filipino virtual assistant can be easy if you know where to look and have a well-defined hiring process. Here's a quick guide you can use.


Step 1: Post a job listing.


Many Filipino virtual assistants, particularly those specializing in Amazon business management, are actively searching for jobs on various sites such as Upwork, Jobstreet, Indeed, Glassdoor, FlexJobs, and LinkedIn.


To further narrow your search, consider publishing job listings on Filipino-only sites like OnlineJobsPH. Seeking the help of a virtual assistant agency is also a good idea. Some of these agencies specifically cater to Amazon sellers.


Step 2: Ask for a portfolio.


Are you looking for a candidate with significant experience in managing Amazon businesses? Would a generalist virtual assistant with zero Amazon experience suffice? Or are you open to training someone completely new to the field?


Regardless of your preference, it's crucial to request their portfolio. This is an excellent way to assess their capabilities and identify the training they need to perform their duties efficiently.


Their portfolio should include detailed descriptions of similar projects they've completed, along with their outcomes. To validate the contents of their portfolio, check their profiles on job sites for feedback from previous clients.


Prioritize candidates with pertinent certificates and licenses. While no specific certifications are required to qualify as an Amazon virtual assistant, it's advisable to favor those who have at least completed relevant online courses. This not only demonstrates their proficiencies but also underscores their commitment to enhancing their skills.


Step 3: Test and Interview


The best way to evaluate candidates is through tests and interviews. Test their skills by asking them to do relevant tasks like listing products, order processing, image editing, etc. This will show you how fast they work and what errors they are prone to make. 


Then, hop on a video call with them to see how they communicate, what new ideas they can bring, and how confident they are of their skills. Pay attention to their choice of words and tone, as these can provide insights into their character.


Here's a tip: Be straightforward when discussing the scope of work, schedule, salary, and future changes. Filipino virtual assistants can be mistrustful when dealing with vague and unresponsive clients. Tell them precisely what you're looking for down to the tee. 


Tasks You Can Outsource to a Filipino Virtual Assistant 


A highly skilled Filipino virtual assistant can perform most Amazon business management tasks, including:


  • Inventory Management (product listing, restocking, customizing inventory dashboards, and automating inventory forecasting)
  • Product fulfillment (arranging shipments, invoicing, and updating inventory storage)
  • Handle returns and exchanges (customer guidance, refund issuance, and escalation prevention)
  • Product research and sourcing (expertise in using advanced tools, logistics management, and coordination with suppliers)
  • FBA Shipping Arrangement (assigning packaging types and measurements and updating fulfillment settings) 
  • Marketing and promotions (Pay-per-click advertising, social media management, copywriting, and coupon marketing)


Onboard a Talented Filipino Virtual Assistant Today!


Hiring a reliable Filipino virtual assistant can go a long way toward expanding your Amazon business and maintaining its stellar reputation. Automating repetitive tasks like spreadsheet management and product listings can also enhance efficiency. This simple guide aims to assist you in finding the ideal candidate. 

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