How Do You Hire an Amazon FBA Consultant?

How Do You Hire an Amazon FBA Consultant?

After contemplating for months, you've finally decided to become an entrepreneur. You heard starting an Amazon business is profitable, so you tried it. But now, months later, you're struggling financially, getting negative reviews, and losing customers. What went wrong?


One key lesson from your situation is that running an Amazon FBA store involves more than just creating an account and listing products. While Amazon offers guidelines for starting and managing your business, abiding by them isn't enough to increase your sales, optimize your operations, uphold a strong reputation, and recognize expansion prospects.


Seek guidance from an Amazon FBA expert to evaluate your situation and devise a successful strategy for revitalizing your business. Utilize the expertise of an Amazon FBA consultant to maximize the opportunities offered by Amazon and implement decisions that can enhance your store's performance.


What are some of the benefits of hiring an Amazon FBA consultant?


Consultation services can be costly, especially when hiring an Amazon FBA consultant. Expect to allot a huge monthly budget. Still, their high fees are justified by their valuable contributions to your online business.


  • They can help you develop more efficient workflows, which may include automation. 
  • They can recommend better ways to manage your finances.
  • They have the knowledge and tools to refine your catalog and optimize your listings.
  • They understand Amazon's policies, analytics, and algorithms better than anyone.
  • They provide experience-based advice. 
  • They can help with suspension appeals, customer service, and order fulfillment.


When do you need the expertise of an Amazon FBA consultant?


Contrary to popular belief, an Amazon FBA consultant isn't just for solving problems. They can enhance a thriving business, aid in starting a new venture, and more. Here are indicators that it's time to enlist their expertise.


  1. You have the money to start an online business but are new to Amazon.
  2. You already have an Amazon seller account and listed products, but you're not making any sales.
  3. You want consistent sales, not seasonal, but you don't know how to achieve it.
  4. Your sales have plateaued, and you want to see some spikes again.
  5. You're uncertain about how your Amazon business can adapt to changing trends.


How to Hire an Amazon FBA Consultant


You're now more sure than ever that you need an Amazon FBA consultant, but you don't know how to hire one. Unlike finding a buyer or retailer, finding the right Amazon FBA consultant entails a more nuanced approach. Here's a straightforward guide to aid you in your search.


Where to Look


Amazon FBA consultants offer their services through freelancing platforms like FreeUp, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Fiverr, or they may work under agencies. Freelancers' fees depend on their experience.


Consulting agencies cost more than freelancers because they offer superior resources, a structured service approach, extensive experience with large-scale Amazon stores, and vetted consultants. But this makes reputable consulting agencies easier to come by compared to freelancers.


Thankfully, some job platforms pre-screen freelancers, lowering the risk of mismatch or fraud. For example, FreeUp only accepts the top 1% of freelance consultants. If you're seeking experts in Amazon FBA or specialized aspects of its management, check out the Amazon Service Provider Network.


Amazon SPN is similar to other job websites but focuses specifically on roles related to Amazon's fulfillment operations, including accounting, cataloging, seller lending, manufacturing, and FBA preparation. It's the ideal platform for seeking guidance on specific areas of your Amazon business.


What should you look for in an Amazon FBA consultant?


Although one might assume that an Amazon FBA consultant knows it all, this isn't always the case. Some consultants specialize in specific areas and may have a broader understanding of Amazon's operations but excel particularly in their niche expertise.


Identifying your needs guides you to the right candidate. Before you begin your search, ask yourself these questions:


  1. What tasks are beyond your team's capacity?
  2. What aspects of production and fulfillment require enhancements?
  3. Would implementing new KPIs benefit your store's profitability?
  4. Is there urgency in achieving results?


By answering these questions, you can create a checklist of qualities to seek in an Amazon FBA consultant. Yet, there are also standard benchmarks to help identify unsuitable candidates.


  • Customized service: They must recognize that every project is distinct and needs a specialized strategy.
  • Established track record: They must have demonstrated success with various projects similar to yours.
  • Flexibility: To become a consultant, you need expertise in basic Amazon FBA tasks like optimizing listings, managing ad campaigns, analyzing data, and supporting customers.
  • Integrity: Ensure they don't have negative reviews on any platform. Ask about their strategies and tools for legal compliance.
  • Straightforward pricing: They should offer a definitive, measurable, and transparent pricing structure. 


Interview the Candidates


To find the right Amazon FBA consultant for your job, interview them. Assess their expertise by evaluating how promptly and logically they answer project-related questions. Here are some suggested questions to guide your discussion:  


  • What do you know about Amazon SEO? Have you used it before? What were the outcomes?
  • Have you assisted other Amazon sellers in winning the buy box? How did you achieve this?
  • What tools do you use? How will you apply them in this project?
  • What metrics do you track, and how did they impact your past projects' success?
  • What aspect of Amazon fulfillment do you specialize in?


Are there disadvantages to hiring an Amazon FBA consultant?


Hiring an Amazon FBA consultant is not without its drawbacks, which you should know in order to narrow down your search. Here are a few examples:


  1. Consulting services are expensive, so it's crucial to thoroughly assess each candidate to ensure your investment is worthwhile.
  2. Freelancers often have multiple clients, some of whom may be competitors. Sharing business information with them can pose risks.
  3. Giving your consultant access to your accounts and documents means constantly relying on trust in your relationship with them.


Hire an Amazon FBA Consultant Today!


Consider hiring an Amazon FBA consultant for expert advice and assistance in revitalizing your struggling store. Evaluate your business needs and take prompt action to start enhancing your operations.

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