How do you write effective Amazon bullet points in 2024?

How do you write effective Amazon bullet points in 2024?

Are your Amazon listings letting you down? Do shoppers bounce before those vital details even have a chance to hook them?


Optimizing bullet points can transform lagging listings practically overnight. Never ignore them.


This detailed guide explores how to craft compelling bullets that sell in 2024. You’ll discover pro tips to drive traffic, boost SEO, establish trust, and give your customers every reason to buy from you.

What Are Amazon Bullet Points and Why Are They Important?

Amazon bullet points reveal everything prospective buyers need to know – don't overlook these selling features.


Some sellers believe keyword-packed titles are the only optimization needed. We can quickly dismantle that approach by highlighting the proven importance of bullet points.


Based on our experience, here’s why we simply can’t overlook these elements:


  • They boost readability and highlight the most important aspects of a product.


People often don’t want to read entire paragraphs just to get that information. Just think of the potential lead loss you may get just because you didn’t make those aspects easily accessible.


  • They’re a great way to optimize for keywords.


If you miss out on this, you may not make the most of your keyword research and search optimization. We’ve been able to turn underperforming listings around just because of this.


  • They improve conversion rates.


Many companies keep pushing money into PPC campaigns when they should just polish up their listings with better bullet points.

How to Write Amazon Bullet Points that Bring More Conversions in 2024

Now that we’ve made it clear that you shouldn’t be neglecting your Amazon bullet points, it’s time to discuss how we should be writing them in 2024.


We all want juicy conversions and lower ad spending as much as possible, right? It’s high time you start applying these strategies then. The first important thing you need to learn is that:

1.      Empathy Helps Write Amazon Bullet Points That Work

More often than not, it’s all about putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

What do you immediately look for when examining a potential product? Isn’t it almost always how it’s going to improve your life or solve your problem?


Make your customers’ lives easy.

For example, let’s say you’re selling weighted blankets. You can lead with how your product provides comfort and eases anxiety through calming pressure.


Here’s how we write bullet points now after all the tweaks we’ve tried. Essentially, we follow an inverted triangle focused on what matters to our customers.


First Bullet


  • Focus on important features that meet your audiences’ buying criteria.


  • Write in their language.


  • List must-know attributes.


For example: “Our weighted blanket is made of top-notch, highly breathable cotton that will keep you feeling cool and gently relaxed through the night.


Second Bullet and Third Bullet


  • Follows up on the first bullet by adding other vital and supplementary product details.


Features you can include for a weighted blanket could be:

  1. Weighs 15 pounds which ensures even distribution for optimal comfort.
  2. 60” x 80” blanket that fits a queen bed.
  3. The duvet cover keeps the weight distributed.
  4. Ethically manufactured.


Remember this tip: Do your best to pair features with benefits without sounding too sales-y. Based on our tests, this leads to infinitely better results.


  • For example, we’ve sold bully sticks before. Most pet parents know bully sticks can have a less-than-desirable odor. One of our product’s main selling points is that it doesn’t have that distinctive smell.


  • At one time, we just settled for “Odor-free” bully sticks. Didn’t work that well. We changed it to “Keeps your homes smelling fresh.” and that gave us a 20% conversion bump.


Fourth Bullet


  • Covers care, compatibility, manufacturing details, and sourcing information.


For example:

  1. Machine-washable and dryer-safe for easy care
  2. Sourced from local suppliers


Fifth Bullet


  • Takes care of branding requirements.


Underscore your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Communicate your willingness to respond to their issues promptly.

2.     Stay on Amazon’s Good Side

2024 is the year to make sure you’re adhering to Amazon’s guidelines – however strict they may be. For one, using all uppercase at the beginning of each bullet is common practice. We’re guilty of doing that once as well.


However, Amazon updated its terms of service years ago, making it clear that your listing could be suppressed. Some people still get away with it, but we always dissuade it now.


  • Are you a guilty “Caps Lock sinner”?


Redeem yourself by limiting your capitalization to the first letter of each bullet instead.


  • Are you an emoji lover?


Best to avoid them altogether and stick to standard punctuation.


  • Think random formatting helps you stand out?


Maintaining consistent formatting across all bullets works better. 

3.     Keep Optimizing and Prioritize Brevity

Since Amazon only allows 15 words or 500 characters per bullet point (for sellers), we need to get tactical. This is where careful word choice and skill in concise writing come in.


  • Cut the fluff.


Again, customers should not have to work too hard to get the information they need. In fact, if you can manage it, we highly recommend you stick to 200 characters per bullet only.


Less is more. This takes practice, but the results will be worth it.


  • Work in important keywords naturally.


Shoehorning as many as possible only gets you in trouble. At most, 1-2 keywords per bullet will do to prevent awkward repetition.


  • Continue to research your competition.


Keep improving your listing by carefully analyzing your competition’s listings. Spot deficiencies and benefits you may not have mentioned. Get creative about angles that competitors lack.


Long story short, optimized bullets convert.  Remember and follow these tips to create bullets that convert in 2024.


Again, lead with emotional benefits. Build trust by being detailed and transparent. And convey your commitment to customers. Once you do these, you can say goodbye to lackluster listings and unlock the revenue potential hiding in them.


Last but not least, invest time in improving and even a little experimenting – while following Amazon guidelines, of course!

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