How to Use AI to Manage Your Shopify Store?

How to Use AI to Manage Your Shopify Store?

Managing a Shopify store requires serious commitment and plenty of time. From invoicing the orders to preparing the shipment, your daily routine could be nothing less than a stressful one. 

Add in the need to check the returns, customer reviews, and product inventory, and you will find yourself wishing there were more than just 24 hours in a day. 

We know you have a lot on your plate and your hands are full. How about unloading some of your tasks and passing them to something called AI which can do better?

Sit down and relax. You're in for a good read! Because we're about to tell you how you can better manage your store without micromanaging everything. 

All you need to do is embrace this thing with an open mind, which is called artificial intelligence. 

Now, let's talk about how to use AI to manage your Shopify store. 

To personalize customers' shopping experience

One of the best things Artificial Intelligence can do for your Shopify store is make personalized product recommendations. 

Since AI can analyze your customers' browsing behavior and purchase history, it can also recommend products tailored to each customer's preferences as a shopper. 

AI analyzes customers' purchasing behaviors using collaborative filtering. Once the AI algorithm detects that Customer A and Customer B purchased similar products, the two of them will be able to receive similar product recommendations as well. 

Furthermore, AI tools are also designed to do content-based filtering. This method allows AI to make product recommendations based on the customer's chosen product category, price, and brand. For example, if a customer's purchasing history shows a specific price range or brand, AI will make suggestions similar to these preferences. 

Shopify Apps for Personalized Shopping Experience:

  • Glood - AI-led product recommendation platform
  • Wiser - recommends products based on “Recently Viewed Products”
  • Limespot Personalizer - analyzes past purchases, preferences, and shopping behavior

To enhance customer support 

We cannot stress enough the importance of providing excellent customer support. Customer support establishes a direct connection between your store and your customers. 

AI tools can give you a team of customer support staff who can work 24/7. This AI tool can handle higher ticket volumes without the burnout that human agents usually experience.  

The AI-integrated Shopify apps and software for customer support are designed to handle large data sets. As a result, customer support teams can rely on these AI-powered solutions to tackle the daily processes involved in customer support. 

Moreover, these AI-powered software allow customers to receive immediate responses to their questions via email or chat. All this is possible when you have the right AI tool integrated into your Shopify store for customer support. 

Shopify software for Customer Support: 

  • Nextiva - a conversational assistant that provides access to the knowledge base
  • Zendesk - equipped with bots to work on routine requests while prioritizing customer queries
  • ZohoDesk - does a great job of auto-tagging customer support tickets.

To automate repetitive tasks

Stock inventory, order processing, and email marketing are better left to an AI tool. When AI performs these repetitive tasks, you do not have to worry about hiring additional staff.

AI is capable of working around the clock. It does not need a weekend off, but you can rely on it to do its job no matter the day or weather. These AI tools can think and perform tasks faster and more precisely with the help of brilliant algorithms. 

You can set up your AI tool to perform its tasks quickly and on time, allowing you to focus more on other crucial aspects of running your Shopify store. 

Shopify Software for Repetitive Tasks: 

  • Shopify Magic - used for crafting product listings, generating blog posts, and composing emails
  • Shopify Sidekick - generates discount codes, performs basic product searches, etc.
  • Klaviyo - sets up automated actions for abandoned carts.

To prevent fraudulent transactions

Your Shopify store is a qualified target for fraud, just like any other e-commerce platform. If we only rely on what our human staff can do to detect fraud, chances are high that we may fail. 

Luckily, there are AI tools designed for fraud prevention and detection. Since these tools work 24/7, you can sleep well knowing that your Shopify store has fraud prevention measures. 

These AI tools can detect fraudulent transactions by quickly analyzing every customer's buying behavior while detecting unusual patterns in the buying process. An AI fraud detection software employs ML (Machine Learning) to be able to detect suspicious activities present within large datasets. 

With the help of an AI tool, fraudulent activities can be detected with the aid of algorithms that can identify anomalies and patterns that signal fraud. 

Shopify Apps for Fraud Detection: 

  • Blockify: Fraud IP Blocker - blocks bot activity, prevents phishing attacks, blocks suspicious IP address
  • SEON Fraud Detection - ensures robust protection using real-time data analysis
  • FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention - customizes fraud validation rules and supports phone number authentication.

To boost marketing effectiveness

Using Shopify's AI tools will help improve your store's targeted marketing strategy. Data collection and analysis is no longer too time-consuming when you leverage AI tools into your marketing efforts. 

Achieving a successful marketing campaign ceases to be a complicated task because insights from customer data can be generated quickly and timely with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

You will get to know your customers even more, as AI will make it easier for you to understand their interactions with your brand. The data gathered by AI will also help you make better predictions regarding your customers' buying habits. 

All this information will help your marketing team develop a solid marketing plan targeted to your intended audience.

Shopify Tools for Marketing:

  • Automizy - increases email open rate, features Subject Line Tester, AB testing capability, etc.
  • Seventh Sense - used for creating customer messages 

  • GrowthBar - improves SEO marketing through keyword research.

Artificial Intelligence possesses everything you need to manage your Shopify store well. Once you invest in these AI tools, you will not have much difficulty taking your store operations to the next level.

Initially, trying out different types of AI tools may be difficult. Be sure to read the product reviews before installing any AI tool for your Shopify store. Always choose the best, and AI will do the rest!

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