Should You Sell on Etsy or Make Your Own E-Commerce site?

Should You Sell on Etsy or Make Your Own E-Commerce site?

Selling on Etsy vs. having your own website is a real question because you might think that Etsy is expensive and takes a lot of work while having your own website will give you more freedom and control over your shop.

With over 80 million users, Etsy is a great place for new sellers to start, but as your store grows, you may want to take more control of it.

By having your own website, you can manage store growth and design. You're the boss, so feel free to use as much or as little copy as you need to express your business's ideals and philosophy.

Both thoughts are reliable, which is nice. 

However, you should know that It is not always easy to decide between using a marketplace like Etsy or creating your own e-commerce website. 

So, in this short blog post, we will explain each platform's ins and outs and which is best for you, so just keep on reading. 

Is it better to sell on Etsy or on your own websites?

This question doesn't have a clear answer. 

It's all up to the product you're selling and your final goals.

Etsy might be a good choice for you because it is a well-known marketplace with a built-in audience of potential buyers.

However, if you already have a social media following and a tried-and-true product, starting your own eCommerce website where you can control both the products and the marketing can be a superior choice.

And there is no problem if you want to have both!

Why Sell on Etsy?

Etsy is one of the largest and most popular marketplaces for new and experienced sellers, giving you a great way to promote your products without opening a business.

Etsy has a lot of tools and other advantages that make it one of the biggest and busiest online markets. But it has some limits that you should think about when growing your business. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using Etsy.

Advantages of selling on Etsy

1. Easy to use - One of the best things about selling on Etsy is how easy it is to set up and run a store. If selling is mostly a side job for you and you want to keep it that way, Etsy may be a good fit!

2. The big audience is already there - Joining their platform gives you millions of active users. This means increased competition, but it also gives you a huge user base to promote your items!

Disadvantages of selling on Etsy

1. Listing and transaction fees are not good - With a 6.5% listing fee, Etsy is more expensive than most e-commerce tools. Taking ownership of your website might cut down on these fees.

2. High Competition - High competition is another Etsy seller problem. It might be hard to stand out in a marketplace with thousands of sellers selling similar things.

Why Sell on Your Own Website?

While Etsy offers great tools for getting started,  having your own website opens numerous doors. Ownership of your shop gives you full control over website growth and design, which helps you build your brand while keeping clients! 

Note; Before you decide to take a chance, you should think about the pros and cons of having your own website.

Advantages of selling on your own website

1. More room for imagination - Having your own website gives you the most creative freedom. Your website's typeface, colors, photos, and designs are customizable. Your audience will get a more personalized and branded store.

2. Fees are lower - Creating a website lowers transaction fees. While running a store is profitable, transaction fees are usually lower than on Etsy.

3. Promotion and Development - Having your own website lets you create your brand and keep customers. A website opens the door to new techniques that boost growth and traffic.

Disadvantages of selling on your own website

1. Maintenance and Management - Hosting your own website requires maintenance. For startups, balancing aesthetics and user flow can be tricky. 

2. Fees for hosting - Websites save you money on each transaction, but they cost around $14 to $299 each month for tools and designs. The reduction in transaction fees compensates for your hosting as your traffic grows.

If you want to build a name that can grow, it's better to build your site.

Etsy is probably the best way to go if you don't care much about building a brand and don't want to spend time building and managing a website.

You can test both Etsy and your website, but it will take more time and work to maintain both. You could also start your business on Etsy and then move to your own website when you have enough customers.

Today, a lot of creators and sellers have both an Etsy shop and their own e-commerce shop or website! This may take more effort to handle, but because your Etsy business is free, it could be a good way to test out different options.

The decision is Yours!

As you can see, Etsy and your own websites have benefits and downsides. So, there's not always the best choice for everyone. The most important thing to think about is which tool will help your business reach its goals the most. 

Thank you for reading. We hope this blog post helps you decide, and if it does, you're welcome to check out for more interesting topics and ideas about the e-commerce world, please subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned.

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Can you have both an Etsy shop and a website of your own?

Yes, of course, there is no reason why you can't run your own website in addition to operating an Etsy business.

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