What Types of Products Should Be Sourced from India for Amazon USA FBA?

What Types of Products Should Be Sourced from India for Amazon USA FBA?

Do you want to become an Amazon seller but have no idea what products to sell and where to get them?

Or maybe you are already an Amazon seller and want to explore a different niche.

If you ask any seasoned retailer, they'll probably point you to India.

Why India?

Well, sourcing products from India to sell to the US market has several benefits:

1. India produces many unique and skillfully crafted goods. Additionally, most of their suppliers are small, family-run businesses, which means the products you'll get are mostly handmade, which attracts many buyers.

2. Small factories allow for a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is ideal for beginners on a tight budget who only wish to sample products or start with a small inventory.

3. India provides a vast array of products to the global market, from jewelry and spices to houseware and textiles. This gives you tons of profitable options to explore.

4. The sourcing costs are low because labor, production, and trucking costs are also low.

What are the best products to source from India for Amazon USA FBA?

The USA has the world's largest consumer market, with approximately $19 trillion in personal consumption expenditures in 2023. That's nearly five times Germany's GDP.

It is also India's largest importer, spending over $85 billion on Indian goods in 2022. But what exactly are the goods they import from India through Amazon FBA?

Leather Products

About 13% of the world's leather products come from India. The country produces over 3 billion square feet of leather annually.

The demand for Indian leather has remained consistently high since 2010. This is because India can handle large orders, and their products exceed quality standards.

Footwear, accessories, bags, wallets, garments, home décor, and belts—the options are endless. All these leather products can make fantastic additions to your Amazon inventory.


Have you ever wondered where the star anise and cinnamon powder in your cupboard came from? While some spices can be grown and processed locally, Indian spices simply taste better. That's why India is the largest spice exporter in the world.

Some of the spices you can source from India are turmeric, cardamom, chili, cumin, black pepper, ginger, and nutmeg. As the demand for spices remains high, it's definitely a gold mine for suppliers and resellers in the US.

If selling spices is something that appeals to you, your products should come from India. Just make sure your supplier is an authorized dealer, holds an FSSAI food license, and is registered with India's Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Suppliers who ship through Amazon FBA are your safest pick because Amazon only allows exports backed with documents.

Textiles and Apparel

Ranking sixth in global textile and apparel exports, India is the top choice for international sellers of clothing, accessories, and home furnishings. They export ethnic wear, children's clothing, woolenwear, and many other garments.

India is also a hotspot for manufacturing premium handwoven and cotton textiles. These materials can be made into apparel with unique designs and prints. Besides clothing, you might also want to venture into textile-based home goods, such as kitchen linens, carpets, and drapes. These are all profitable and can be sold locally or on Amazon USA.


India is also famous worldwide for its fine and fashion jewelry. The intricate designs and cuts of their gemstones and precious metals appeal to buyers from all walks of life. They export various jewelry items, including colored gemstones, polished diamonds, gold articles, and imitation jewelry. You'll never run out of options to explore.

There are several requirements for bringing jewelry from India to sell in the US. Exporters must register with the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) and obtain essential documents, including an Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) and a PAN-based Business Identification Number (BIN).

Other documents may be required from your supplier depending on your preferred shipping mode and drop location.

Tea and Herbal Products

Teas and herbs are an integral part of Indian culture and tradition. With vast farmlands dedicated to growing these plants, India supports both local and worldwide demand. If you want to sell authentic Indian teas and herbs, you're stepping into a gold mine.

Popular teas from India on Amazon include black tea, chai masala, kelp tea, kombucha, oolong tea, and rooibos tea. You can start by offering two to three types and expand your selection over time. For herbal products, consider selling cosmetic and herbal beauty items, wellness supplements, stamina-boosting beverages, etc.

When importing raw teas and herbs, remember that certain agricultural products are not allowed in the US. Choose commonly sold tea and herbal products to avoid delays and potential losses.


Indian artisans are esteemed globally for their creative skills. This is evident in the growing demand for various houseware products, especially from the United States. These include decorative lamps, lawn and garden ornaments, furnishings, rugs, floorings, and metal and wooden furniture.

Indian houseware products vary in quality. To ensure top quality, source your items from a luxury and designer manufacturer known for surpassing all standards.

Gifts and Stationery

India's corporate gifting and stationery industry has boomed in the past decade, securing a position for the country in the global supply chain. It's an ideal niche to consider for diversification.

Some examples of gifts and stationery products you can source from India are decorative gifts, candles, stationery, handmade paper, incense sticks, potpourri, aromatics, and festive décor. If your supplier allows, you can repackage these items and sell them under your brand.

What to Remember When Sourcing Products from India

Working with suppliers from different countries, including India, can be challenging due to factors like time differences, language barriers, and logistics issues. Here's how to avoid these challenges and find a trustworthy supplier.

• Source your products from the correct production centers. Check your potential supplier's licenses with the Indian government before starting any business transactions.
• Choose a supplier with a factory located close to where they obtain their raw materials. For instance, if you sell cotton apparel, it's ideal to partner with a manufacturer near a cotton farm.
• Check the distance between the factory and the nearest port, especially Mumbai port, as most products for international shipping depart from there. Opting for a supplier no farther than an hour's drive from this port can save you time and money.
• Only hire a supplier specializing in your desired products to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth during the sampling process.
• Choose the appropriate factory size. If you make small orders, avoid sourcing from large factories with high MOQ requirements.
• Be cautious of contractors who are not organized or not registered with the government.

Source Your Products from India Today!

Discovering and sourcing the right products from India is an excellent first step to a successful online retail business. Thanks to Amazon FBA streamlining shipping, importing products has become much easier. Now, all you need to do is take that first step. Hopefully, this article has cleared any confusion preventing you from getting started.
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