Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

A private group with over 52,000 members, eCommerce Entrepreneurs is a community where people can encourage each other and learn how to grow their Shopify stores, do digital marketing, SEO, and more. To be an eligible member of the group, you need to: 


  • Be an active Facebook user for more than one year, 
  • Have a valid profile picture, and
  • Not belong to more than 50 other Facebook Groups.

Furthermore, the members of the group need to follow the specific rules listed below: 


  • If store owners wish to ask for feedback from the other group members, they should provide details about the things that are currently working and not working for their business.
  • In the case of non-store owners (app developers, service providers, and marketers), promotions are not accepted in the group. 
  • The group prefers to welcome comprehensive and insightful questions that will encourage informative discussions over those you can easily search on Google. 
  • Blog links without context or any sort of explanation will be considered spam content.
  • Moreover, posts that are overall irrelevant to eCommerce are not accepted and will not be approved. 
  • Lastly, the group only promotes positivity, encouragement, and respect among all the entrepreneurs included in the group.  



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