Acquisitions Direct

Acquisitions Direct

With over 12,000 qualified buyers, Acquisitions Direct has sold more than 350 online businesses over the course of its inception. 


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  • What is Acquisitions Direct? 
  • How does Acquisitions Direct work? 


What is Acquisitions Direct? 



The oldest internet brokerage firm on the internet, Acquisitions Direct, offers tools for valuation and consultations for entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell online businesses. Moreover, the company specializes in content-based online businesses, e-Commerce, Amazon FBA, and the Software as a service distribution method. With a closing rate of 85% since 2002, the company is deeply dedicated to producing ground-breaking results.

How does Acquisitions Direct work? 



Buyers can conveniently sort the listed businesses on the website based on their price range. The price choices include under $500k, $500k-$1,000,000, above $1,000,000, above $5,000,000, brands, under LOI, and sold.

You can also choose to view all listings at once. Upon selecting the category that fits your budget, you can view the different businesses along with their corresponding barcodes, niche, products they sell, and other details. 

By clicking the “Learn More” button under your chosen business, you have access to more details about its revenue, profit, and asking price. And if you are interested in purchasing the selected business, you can proceed to input your personal information, ask some questions, or even add comments.


To sell a business with Acquisitions Direct, you will need to go through the following steps: 


To be an official seller, you will have to talk to an advisor for evaluation and for Acquisitions Direct to get a grasp of your business’s operation, services, distributions, affiliations, and more. The pieces of information discussed in this process will then be used in establishing a listing price. 



For the next step, sellers will have to conduct an exclusive listing agreement that will authorize Acquisitions Direct to do the marketing. 


Marketing & Promotion

Now that the company has your support, Acquisitions Direct will provide a package to endorse your online business and initiate the sales process.


Due Diligence Preparation

This step will require you to prepare documents detailing your business’s operations, performance, financial reports, and more. 


Buyer Qualification

Here, potential buyers will be interviewed. And once qualified, they will be introduced to you for further deliberation. 


Letter of Intent

Acquisitions Direct will proceed to produce a letter of intent (LOI) or an offer to purchase (OTP) from the buyer addressed to you. 


Due Diligence

Since you have already prepared Due Diligence prior to this step, you can now present it to the potential buyers for evaluation. 


Preparation of Asset Purchase

Attorneys are required to be present during this step to draft up a purchase agreement and other closing documents for your review and approval.



In this stage, Acquisitions Direct will coordinate with the parties and then execute the transfer. 


Further Support

Now that you officially sold your business, all that is left for you to do is offer support to the new owner(s) for the first few weeks. 



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