Helping businesses establish long-term relationships with their customers, AdRoll will make your brand unforgettable and relevant for as long as they can.


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  • What is AdRoll?  
  • How does AdRoll work? 


What is AdRoll?


Mainly built to cater to direct-to-consumer brands, AdRoll is a Growth Marketing Platform powered by machine learning data. The company aims to help businesses increase their brand-familiarity within the population.


Moreover, AdRoll focuses on producing retargeting campaigns with entrepreneurs all over the world. And because AdRoll can make accurate shopper behavior predictions, over 120,000 brands have worked with them since 2007. 


Before we dive into how AdRoll works, let us briefly define direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses. Basically, these are entities that sell directly to consumers in the absence of a retailer, distributor, or wholesaler.


How does AdRoll work? 


In a nutshell, AdRoll helps businesses expand their influence by harmonizing data, measurement, and channels while maximizing a set budget. 


Moreover, you can market your brand on the platform through the Free, Essentials, and Growth plans which have the following features:


Cross-Channel Engagement

  • Retargeting Ads
  • Brand Awareness Ads
  • Dynamic Product, Static, & Video Ads
  • Web, Facebook, & Instagram Inventory
  • Email Capture
  • Template Library
  • Unsubscribe Sync
  • Emails Send / Month
  • Triggered Email Sends
  • On-Demand Email Sends
  • Drag and Drop Builder & Template Upload
  • Remove "Powered by AdRoll" Branding (not available in free plan)
Product Recommendations 
  • AI-Driven Product Recommendation Carousel
  • Remove "Powered by AdRoll" Branding (not available in free plan) 


Platform Features

  • Audience Insights
  • Website Funnel Insights
  • Performance Benchmarks (exclusive to the growth plan)


  • Basic Audiences
  • List Upload & Management
  • Advanced & Custom Audiences (not available in free plan)


  • CRM
  • ESP & Marketing Automation
  • CMS and Website Integrations
  • Shopify & Other E-commerce Partners
  • Reporting Data API (exclusive to growth plan) 
  • Reporting Partners Integrations (not available in free plan) 


Measurement & Attribution

Campaign Measurement
  • Campaign Conversion Pathing
  • Campaign Attribution Modeling
  • Campaign Performance Reporting


Cross-Channel Attribution
  • Channel Contribution Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Conversion Pathing
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling




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  • Email
  • Knowledge Base


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