Partnered with over 25,000 live websites and ad units, Infolinks will undoubtedly help you expand, improve, and upgrade your business. 


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  • What is Infolinks? 
  • How does Infolinks work? 

What is Infolinks?


Serving publishers and advertisers with vital marketing tools, Infolinks is a global platform that allows entrepreneurs to customize campaigns and communicate with consumers successfully. To add to that, the company is also deeply dedicated to increasing your website or page's viewability. Furthermore, Infolinks values quality, ingenuity, transparency, and reliability.  

How does Infolinks work?


With cutting edge features that include advanced targeting options, tracking tools, and more, advertising with Infolinks will help you attain the following: 


  • Intent Targeting

Through relevant keywords, Infolinks will make sure your advertisements will reach your desired target audience. Moreover, the Infolink Referral Analyzer technology will guide you to determine the intent of your audience.


  • High Viewability

Acknowledged as the top in Inventory Viewability and Duration, Infolinks will help you grab your customers' attention and improve the overall performance of your advertisement.  


  • Exclusive Placements

Offering only the placements that will assure you high results, Infolinks will maximize your ad spend quality and Supply Path Optimization (SPO). 

In simple terms, ad spend quality or return on ad spend (ROAS) refers to how much revenue your business earns per dollar spent. On the other hand, Supply Path Optimization can be defined as the process of getting rid of Ad frauds and avoidable costs.   


  • Quality Publishers

Finally, with over 25,000 live website partners and ad units, Infolinks guarantees success in your advertisement's overall results.

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