An avenue for sharing media of any kind, Pinterest has helped people make ideas come to life. And because of the extensive influence the company had reached through the years, it is no wonder brands have joined the community to promote their products and services.


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  • What is Pinterest? 
  • How does Pinterest work? 

What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is the platform for creative, innovative, and bold ideas. This visual discovery engine inspires users to up their overall lifestyle, fashion, and more! Here, you can save, try, and even share pins with people who matter to you. And, of course, since this platform is accessible to everyone globally, it has opened numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach potential customers.

How does Pinterest work? 


Since Pinterest is all about the visuals, businesses compete to see who uploads the best high-quality and creative media. 

Moreover, if you wish to integrate Pinterest into your business’ advertising strategy, you need to follow the steps listed below: 


Create a business account:

You can execute this stop by either converting an existing Pinterest account or setting up a new business account. 


Install the Pinterest Tag:

Pinterest Tag will inform you about your page visits, record searches, completed transactions, video views, and more. 


Choose a specific goal:

Your goal may be to build brand awareness, increase app installs, earn website traffic, or grow your video views.


Select Pinterest ad campaign type:

The different types of campaigns are: 

  • Promoted pins: Much like regular pins, these advertisements appear on the search results and home feed. The only difference is, entrepreneurs boost these pins for them to reach their target audience.  
  • One-tap pins: Pinterest has eliminated the “two-tap” ads and has ever since replaced them with “one-tap” pins, which will automatically redirect users to a landing page.
  • Promoted carousels: This campaign type allows entrepreneurs to market their brand through multiple-image ads. Here, users have the option to swipe to see a different image. 
  • Promoted video pins: This has the same function as promoted pins, except it is in video format.
  • Promoted App Pins: Businesses can also promote their applications to Pinterest users through promoted app pins. Once users click on the ad, they will be redirected to either iTunes or the Google Play app store. 
  • Buyable Pins: Also called Shop the Look, this type of campaign conveniently enables users to purchase items on your store directly from your post. 
  • Story Pins: Lastly, businesses now have the option to post pins that feature a maximum of 20 images, links, or text. 


Set up your budget

In setting up your campaign budget, you determine the amount you ought to spend on your ad daily and over the duration of your ad. 


Create an ad group

You can either choose a pre-existing ad group or create a new one, which will house your business’s promoted pins. Through them, entrepreneurs can set the budgets, run dates, and determine the target of pins by group. 


Target Audience

The next step is to determine the audience you want your ad to reach based on age, location, device, gender, and language. 


Modify your ad:

Businesses will then need to select their ad’s placement, determine their item’s interest and keywords, and dictate their ad’s budget and schedule. 


Once you have determined your budget, you then have to set a maximum bid for your ad or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). 

Determine your ad’s pacing:

Entrepreneurs can choose from a standard and accelerated pacing. The standard choice will deliver your campaign according to your bid and duration, while the latter will deliver faster and provide more speedy results.

Select pins to promote:
Each ad group you wish to promote must at least have two pins and a maximum of four.



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