Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon: Crowdsourcing Website For Businesses

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  • What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?
  • Mturk: Advantages of Crowdsourcing
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk Work From Home Series: How Mturk Works?
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk Work From Home Series: Top 3 Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk Work From Home Series: How Much the Pay Ranges?


What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?


Amazon Mechanical Turk is basically owned by Amazon. It is a crowdsourcing online platform that was created for businesses to select and look for best results or information for a large group of people through internet. 

Mturk hires a number of people often called as “crowdworkers” or “turkers”, they are asked to perform a certain tasks which is called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs), for instance, answering questions, providing feedback, and all simple tasks that only a human being can do.

Mturk users are consist of both turkers-- the one who perform tasks, and the employer or also called as requester. Turkers have their freedom to not be obliged to perform a certain task, they don’t ask for payroll taxes.

Mturk: Advantages of Crowdsourcing

Amazon Mechanical Turk provides businesses the following:



The best part of having MTurk is that it is very cheap compared on hiring a professional employee. Aside from that, it can save a lot of time for businesses.


Solve Problems Faster

The truth is, turkers are basically unrelated with the company who hired them and they don’t have responsibilities to protect their name. Turkers will provide true feedback and suggestions since they are the consumers. Besides, their feedback can help the company to improve and build up on their services or products.


Collect a Bunch of Ideas

In that large group of people that you will ask to perform a certain tasks, most of them are skilled talent. You can learn a lot and can acquire a lot of different perspectives that you can use to improve your company.


Speed Up Tasks

With the help of turkers, company’s productivity increases.


Mturk’s Part-time Work From Home: How To Make Money With Mturk?


Here’s how Mturk works: Thousands of people can now make money online by just doing simple tasks whenever and anywhere they want. MTurk allows companies to hire a large number of people to do Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) then turkers can easily pick what small-tasks they want to perform and must submit a request for their payment.

Mturk’s Part-time Work From Home: Top 3 Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)


Human Intelligence Tasks are created by the requesters or businesses only to be answered by turkers or also known as workers. It is a task where only human being can answer, give ideas and feedbacks. The list below is the top 3 most wanted micro-jobs of turkers:



One of the most top rated HITs on Amazon Mechanical Turks where turkers will answer and fill up question about a certain topic provided by the requesters. Surveys has a big contribution from small to large corporations, it gives a large number of people’s suggestions and opinions that can be used to improve companies and implement a better decisions.


Short Transcription

In this process, turkers are asked to write down or convert into a written document of an audio or video. This micro-job requires an excellent listening and writing skills. 


Image tagging

This is a macro-job where turkers will tag keyword or label images.


Mturk’s Part-time Work From Home: How Much the Pay Ranges?


Micro-jobs are low paying jobs but it is very flexible in terms of time. Most jobs requires to work on a certain time and date, but with MTurk, it really doesn’t give restrictions on its workers—you can work all you want anytime and anywhere.

Regarding with the pay, one task for instance, short transcription would cost $0.05. if you will be able to transcribe 40+ in an hour then you would be able to have an hourly rate of almost $3.

Mturk also give bonuses. It maybe pay low, but their tasks are very fun to do!


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