eCommerce Pulse

eCommerce Pulse

Envision is a company that guarantees revenue increase for businesses that work with them. Moreover, the team working at Envision also helps entrepreneurs launch and grow websites successfully.
In addition to these excellent services they offer, the company also has a platform dedicated to sharing blog and podcast content for eCommerce entrepreneurs called Ecommerce Pulse. With that, here is a brief list of three podcasts that will significantly help you in your business ventures.

EP 044: 5 Common Startup Myths, with Rod Zwahlen 

Together with Rod Zwahlen, Leighton talks about how all startups are different and the various myths surrounding them. In this episode, they also discuss the various aspects behind White Plum’s growth and success. Learn more HERE. 

EP 043: A transparent talk about the challenges of ecommerce with Robert of 

We all know about the successful eCommerce stores, but we don’t talk about the struggles behind them nearly as much. Here, Leighton and Robert dive into detail about the daily frustrations of growing a business. Learn more HERE. 

59: Effective abandoned cart campaigns with Jordan Gal

In this podcast episode, Jordan Gal joins Leighton in talking about maximizing your website's revenue, the different things you need to consider in choosing an abandoned cart follow up service, how to generally deal with abandoned cart recovery emails, and more. Learn more HERE.


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