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  • What is Smush? 
  • How does Smush work? 

What is Smush? 


Dedicated to compressing images for WordPress in the fastest way possible, Smush will ensure that the quality of your pictures will not be compromised even in the slightest. Deemed as an award-winning image optimizer, this brand is compatible with any theme or plugin. 

How does Smush work? 


Using Smush will not take a lot of time and effort at all. This plugin tool can quickly improve the images you post on WordPress by scanning them and removing all the unnecessary scales. 

And to ensure that you are truly maximizing all its features, perform the following actions:


  1. Smush your images in bulk  
  2. Compress uploads automatically
  3. Use Smush’s Content Delivery Network  
  4. Double your compression with the Super-Smush feature 
  5. Resize your images 
  6. Convert PNGs to JPEGs
  7. Use the Lazy Load feature for faster performance 
  8. Convert your images to other formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and more 



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