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Project Life Mastery

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  • Who is the founder of Project Life Mastery? 
  • What is Project Life Mastery? 
  • How does it help people? 
  • Get to know more about Stefan’s YouTube channel

Who is the founder or Project Life Mastery?


Stefan James is an internet entrepreneur, philanthropist and traveler. He is also a life and business coach that began his self-development journey at the age of 17. His goal is to master every area of his life and living life to its fullest.

Growing up, Stefan was unhappy and unsatisfied with what he did. Until, he realized while looking at himself in the mirror that he can do more. In order to help other people, he must first help himself.

And so, he d id! Look where he is now. Inspiring people and transforming their lives, making them realize that you can be more and do more. He started his online business at the age of 24, attaining financial freedom and earning a 6-figure passive income.

By 27, Stefan was able to manage his time well through several of his online businesses. He can do it wherever, whenever making him a multi-millionaire today. Aside from excelling in the business industry, he didn’t forget to take care of himself.

He is also passionate about health and wellness. And one of the perks of having a business online? You get to travel anywhere and bring it wherever you go. Stefan always gives back. That’s what made him successful in every aspect in life. 

What is Project Life Mastery? 


Project Life Mastery is a website where Stefan teaches his audience how to master every area in life. He created Life Mastery Blueprint explaining the 10 core areas in life. He is willing to teach you—and by you, I mean anyone, his experiences through this platform. Project Life Mastery is also an online learning platform that offers courses, podcasts and videos. And how can you achieve all of these? By following these steps. 


  • Commitment to mastery 
  • You can’t just pick and if it doesn’t fit you, you toss it. So, in order to master every aspect in life, you have to be committed. The areas include health, fitness, emotions, relationships, mindset, career, money, family, friends, contribution and spiritual growth. If you want to be better, you have to come through and live your life to the fullest.

  • Start your online business now and create financial freedom 
  • Today’s era revolves around the internet so why not make the most out of it. Take your business with you—anytime, anywhere. Take control over your career and be happy because it is what you deserve. Stefan created a quiz that determines which online model is suited for you and your passion, the one that makes you excited everyday when you wake up. 

  • Create a persistent morning ritual
  • An enthusiastic, best version of you comes from a great morning ritual. Project Life Mastery made a guide in order to achieve your peace of mind and happiness throughout the day. 

  • Invest in yourself
  • Well, if not for your initiative to take actions, you wouldn’t be here. Investing in yourself and having a clear vision of what you want to become and where you want to go. 




    How does it help people? 


    Stefan James is not your usual mentor. He helps people through his online learning platforms by offering courses such as Affiliate Marketing course, Amazon Book Publishing course, Amazon FBA course, Online Business course, and Self Development course. podcasts and videos

    He also has resources which will help you grow your business. These resources are proven and loved by Stefan so you can say that it is hand-picked.

    Aside from his outstanding impression in the online world, he actually is very hands-on when it comes to helping. He has partnered with organizations like TECHO, WorldHousing and to help people around the globe. He is truly a man of his word in making a difference.

    Get to know more about Stefan’s YouTube channel 


    It is natural for Stefan to help other people. So, he made a YouTube channel for those people who cannot pay for the courses but want to learn his insights and manifesto for free! I’ve picked some of the highlights of his channel to help you with the E-Commerce business. 

    1. Online Business Mastery  


    In this playlist, he uploaded this video on January 2, 2020 and talks about starting an online business in 2021. So if you want to build an online business, then there’s no better way than to stand up, take action now.

    Stefan is a firm believer with the opportunities the E-Commerce business can offer. But before you decide on what to do and where to start, you should plan first. You can take a 60-second quiz to know where you might find your passion.

    There are different ways to learn on how to start and build your business, and as for Stefan, he invested in taking courses and training. For those who are new to the E-Commerce world, starting an online business is a challenge.

    And that is why you’ll have to invest in different resources to fast-track your career. You can always start small and do it part-time. Eventually, it will grow if you put extra passion, dedication and effort to it. 

    2. Amazon FBA & Shopify (E-Commerce Mastery)


    When you have finally made up your mind to get into the E-Commerce business, then your next step is starting your Amazon FBA business. If you think you need help in managing your products, then Amazon is just right around the corner.

    Stefan came across Amazon FBA when it was growing massively because he was selling books. The thing is, selling physical products on Amazon is the big opportunity here. Passively earn through Amazon FBA.


    3. Affiliate Marketing Mastery


    In one of Stefan's videos with the title “THIS Is The Easiest Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing”, he teaches his audience that there are a lot of ways to be an effective affiliate marketer.

    Your main job as an affiliate marketer is to promote the product through a Facebook post, YouTube or other platforms,  and when the customers buy the product, you get a commission.

    You can research products and contact them if you want to join their Affiliate Program. Be sure that these products are in demand so that you can get more customers. More sales, more commission. 



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