Wholesale Ted

Wholesale Ted

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  • What is Wholesale Ted? 
  • How does it help entrepreneurs? 
  • Wholesale Ted’s YouTube channel 

What is Wholesale Ted?


Wholesale Ted is an educational platform that helps online business owners. Sarah Chrisp, the one you see in the videos, is actually a point-hacking nerd that travels the world.

Unlike other E-Commerce learning resources, this one is fun and cute. And she is very hands-on in teaching because she provides tutorials on Wholesale Ted’s YouTube channel. Aside from making videos, she is also an author of the book The 6-Step Formula that 6-Figure Dropshipping Stores Follow. 


How does it help entrepreneurs? 


If you’re a small business owner, you can check her videos since it’s free. But if you want a full course, you can join The Ecomm Clubhouse and get premium videos that aren’t available on Wholesale Ted’s YouTube channel, sales psychology techniques and more for only $67 a month! 

You can access the whole library plus bonus videos. These courses are beginner-friendly and easy to understand so you don’t have to worry. What you see is what you get! 


Wholesale Ted’s YouTube channel


Wholesale Ted’s videos are very entertaining and it makes you want to watch one more after another. Take time to watch her entertaining and educational videos on her YouTube channel. So, here are some videos for everyone!

1. Make This One Simple Switch To Achieve Your Goals...


For Sarah, having a dream is one thing. But actually doing something and having grit, makes everything different. In this animated video, Sarah talks about how she was unsatisfied with her work because she lacked the courage and determination to do things, to achieve her goals.

Sarah made a small effort everyday that made a big change in her life. According to Sarah, you don’t have to rush to the finish line. Start with small goals and gradually make it bigger and eventually, you’ll succeed without realizing it. 

2. 10 MISTAKES Entrepreneurs Make That Cause Their Businesses To FAIL..


  • Treating their new business as a magic money vending machine.
  • They fall for shiny object syndrome
  • They overthink taxes
  • They think their business is awesome but their customers do not
  • They eat McDonalds 
  • They cut corners in the wrong places with their business.
  • They try to compete on price
  • They underestimate their customers intelligence
  • They try to do everything themselves
  • They are afraid to invest and lose money

3. 5 Apps I Use To Earn Income Online On AUTOPILOT! (with my Ecommerce Business)


Find out more about the apps Sarah uses to fully utilize and passively generate her income from her E-Commerce business.



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