About Us

Like most online entrepreneurs, we sought to start and grow an online business, but along the way we experienced...

There were a lot of drawbacks while looking for things that we needed to start or improve our business, to nurture something that we are passionate about. Information was extremely scattered throughout many different sources, from many different people, and many different platforms.

At this point, we realized that "we might not be the only ones experiencing this difficulty" and we wanted to provide a solution. To put it simply, we want to make it easier for online entrepreneurs like you to find everything you need to know to start or improve your online businesses. Back then, we and maybe you too had to find and figure out stuff on your own,


Finding the needles in the haystack.

The internet has every bit of information that mostly anyone could possibly need, the problem we have is, how to easily access it. It's ironic that the abundance of information provided by the internet can leave an online entrepreneur clueless. We become so overwhelmed with information that we don't know where to begin looking.

It might not be the same for everyone, but sometimes we all have that ONE website that has everything we need to find right? For example, Google for information, Netflix for movies and series, YouTube for videos, Facebook for people, Amazon for shopping, and the long list goes on and on.

Seller Universe aims to be that kind of place for online entrepreneurs, primarily for those who want to but don't know where to start and also for those who already started and are looking for ways to improve their e-Commerce career. We want to give online entrepreneurs ONE place, JUST ONE, to EASILY access all these necessary information they need.

Providing services for online businesses.

Though it was initially envisioned as place for starting entrepreneurs to gain the needed information to start an online business, we realized that we can also help you on your business by providing high-quality services. We decided to not only to fill in the informational gaps that entrepreneurs have but also provide a bunch of helping hands when it comes to their business operations. To start we have teams of talented people to help you on some aspects of your business. Here are some of the service that we offer:

  • Copywriting
  • Branding Creation
  • Product Photography and Image Enhancement

      Our services are currently limited at the moment but we are focused on the quality of our service. However we are hoping to expand our business in the future and provide more services and solutions to bring success for you and your business.


      You can start now, explore the vastness of our universe and find what you looking for. You can get started HERE to be more familiar with the world of e-Commerce and see your options to find what's perfect for you. We have hundreds of other articles, informational resources and links to other sources that can help you better understand the world of e-Commerce.
      We're glad to help and we're here to listen. You can leave us a message HERE and tell us what you think! Contact us. Let us help you improve your user experience by simply providing feedbacks.
      Welcome to Seller Universe!