Facebook Groups for Online Sellers

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to build your network, discover new opportunities, stay on top of trends, and get your problems solved. If you're an online seller, you'll find a ton of e-commerce-focused Facebook groups to join.


But be careful – not all groups are worth your time. Some are poorly managed and lack engagement, while others are full of scammers and relentless advertisers who will bombard you with messages.


I've hand-picked 10 e-commerce Facebook groups that I believe are perfect for both newbies and seasoned sellers and put them together in this guide. I'll give you the scoop on each group and show how being an active member can boost your online business.

eCommerce Elites Mastermind


This private Facebook group was founded by Singapore-based entrepreneurs and dropshippers Steve and Evan Tan. With over 103,000 members and growing, it’s a bustling hub for e-commerce entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from around the world. Joining is free, but you’ll need to answer two questions to be accepted.


In this group, you’ll find quick solutions to business challenges, high-level growth strategies, and a supportive network. The founders are actively involved in discussions—sometimes even in debates—sharing exclusive "golden nuggets" of wisdom. Plus, members get the chance to attend private mastermind retreats and conferences, making it a treasure trove of opportunities.


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Etsy Sellers Support Community


If you love crafts and want to make money on Etsy, this is the group to join for exclusive insights. Many members already have successful Etsy stores and are eager to help beginners get started and grow.


With over 320,000 members, this public group offers real-time business advice, solutions to common problems, and networking with other Etsy sellers. You'll also get plenty of emotional support from people who understand the ups and downs of running an online shop.


Members can join in activities like listing reviews, where experienced sellers share tips to improve your listings. It's like having a goldmine of Etsy wisdom at your fingertips!


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Selling On eBay Tips


This private Facebook group is just for folks interested in or already selling on eBay. Like other e-commerce groups, no promoting products or eBay stores here—just pure, useful content.


You’ll find posts about optimizing eBay listings, pricing strategies, shipping tips, customer service hacks, avoiding common pitfalls, and updates on eBay policies. Plus, you can share your success stories to inspire others.


Feel free to connect with members outside the group through private messages, but keep it professional and relevant to avoid any issues with the admins. After all, this group is all about helping each other succeed on eBay, so there’s flexibility when it comes to building your network.


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Facebook Ad Buyers


Facebook Ads is always rolling out new features to stay on top of trends, and it can be tricky to keep up. Instead of sifting through endless tutorials and blogs, why not join a dedicated Facebook group?


One such group is Facebook Ad Buyers, founded by Tim Burd, a self-made entrepreneur and Facebook expert. This private group has over 164,000 members, mostly online business owners running Facebook ads.


This group is also linked to a private community where members get access to over 30 full courses, 1,000 tutorials, how-tos, and mini-courses on Facebook Ads. Plus, they offer special deals and exclusive meetups, making it a rich source of insider knowledge and networking opportunities.


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Digital Marketing Tips & Tools


Getting digital marketing right is essential for a successful online business. This covers everything from SEO and pay-per-click ads to email marketing and more. But it's not just about learning the ropes of digital marketing; you also need to master the advanced tools to really make your efforts pay off.


That's where Facebook groups like Digital Marketing Tips & Tools come in handy. They provide the guidance you need to perfect your marketing mix. You'll rub shoulders with other business owners who are already reaping the benefits of digital marketing and can share their insights.


Plus, the group’s founders and admins regularly dish out actionable tips and tool recommendations to help you run winning campaigns.


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Here’s another Facebook group you should definitely check out. Like other e-commerce groups, Entrepreneurs is a great spot for online business owners to connect and share ideas. It’s not just for entrepreneurs—freelancers, business consultants, and influencers are also welcome to jump in and join the conversations.


Just a heads-up, there are some rules to keep things running smoothly. No self-promotion, especially with links to other websites, and no messaging or calling other members unless it’s really necessary. With over 144,000 members, it’s a fantastic place to build your network and gain new perspectives.


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Woo Community


If there's a group for Shopify sellers, you bet there's one for WooCommerce users and enthusiasts too. This group is a hangout for everyone, from website developers using WordPress (since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin) to online sellers looking to make the most of their WooCommerce stores.


Members can connect, share ideas, and support each other. Whether you're boasting about a success story or have a burning question about WooCommerce, this group has got your back. It's all about empowering members to build successful businesses on WooCommerce.


What makes this group stand out is its inclusivity. Everyone's welcome, no matter their experience level, identity, or background. Sharing valuable insights is highly encouraged, but spammy promotions are a no-go. Plus, members can join in on customer research studies to help shape future products. It's a place where everyone can learn and grow together.


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Shopify Entrepreneurs


HeyCarson.com, known for its first-class development and design support for Shopify stores, created this private Facebook group. While it likely started as a way to promote their services, it has grown into a bustling community where Shopify enthusiasts can share knowledge, seek advice, and build networks.


With over 108,000 members and counting, Shopify Entrepreneurs is one of the largest and most active communities for Shopify store owners, managers, and related professionals. What makes this group truly special is its vibrant atmosphere, where members regularly share exclusive Shopify-related offers and deals. It’s like having an extra incentive to stay engaged and keep coming back for more.


If you're looking to connect with like-minded Shopify users, get your pressing questions answered, or snag some sweet deals, this group is definitely the place to be. It's a fantastic community that can help you take your Shopify store to the next level.


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Amazon FBA High Rollers


Want to dive deep into Amazon FBA and learn from those who've been there and done that? Then this is the Facebook group for you. It's the official online community for listeners of AMPMpodcast.com—a podcast all about making passive income around the clock, which is why it's called AM/PM.


This group is not just about discussing podcast episodes further. It's a goldmine for networking, swapping strategies, and chatting about everything Amazon, from FBA to private labeling.


With 77,000 members, it's cozier than some of the bigger Amazon groups, so you won’t feel lost in the crowd. The posts here are packed with real, valuable insights, making it a home for anyone serious about selling on Amazon.


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Shopify Growth Mastermind


Some Shopify apps, like Trackify X, In Cart Upsell, Product Customizer, Preorder Now, Bulk Discounts Now, and Wholesale Now, decided to create a Facebook group to bring together Shopify store owners and entrepreneurs interested in starting their journey with Shopify. Little did they know, this group would become one of the most dynamic e-commerce communities on Facebook!


With over 65,000 members, it's a buzzing epicenter for Shopify brands, partners, agencies, and experts. If you're struggling to master Shopify, joining this group could be a real game-changer. It’s loaded with strategies, tips, and best practices for growing and managing a Shopify store.


The group creates a collaborative environment where you can seek advice, share experiences, and network with fellow entrepreneurs. It's like having a team of experts within reach, ready to help you navigate Shopify's ins and outs.


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Best Practices for Joining Facebook Groups


Ever tried to open an old notification from a group you’ve joined, only to find nothing there? Chances are, you’ve been blocked due to a rule violation. You definitely don’t want that to happen in your e-commerce groups—there's too much at stake. To stay in good standing and avoid harsh penalties, here are the best practices you should follow:


  • Read and follow group rules: Each group usually has a set of rules pinned at the top or in the group description. You may also find this in the welcome message. Make sure to read them carefully and stick to them.


  • Engage respectfully: Interact with posts and comments in a respectful manner. Avoid controversial topics that could lead to heated arguments, and always be polite in your interactions.


  • Avoid self-promotion: Many groups have strict rules against self-promotion. Hold off on posting links to your products, services, or websites unless it's explicitly allowed. Some groups might have designated days or threads for self-promotion.


  • Provide value: Share useful information, answer questions, and help other members. This builds your credibility and shows you're there to add value, not just take advantage.


  • Stay on-topic: Keep your posts and comments relevant to the group’s theme. Off-topic posts can come across as spam and might lead to removal.


  • Respect privacy: Don’t share personal information about other members without their consent. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of group discussions.


  • Avoid spamming: Don’t post repetitive content or multiple posts in a short period. This can be seen as spam and is likely to annoy other members and moderators.


  • Report issues to admins: If you encounter any issues or see posts that violate group rules, report them to the group admins instead of getting into conflicts.


  • Stay active and consistent: Regular participation shows your commitment to the group. Just make sure your participation is consistent and valuable, rather than sporadic and self-serving.


Should I join all these Facebook groups?


Not so fast! You don't want your notifications blowing up with irrelevant chatter. Stick to groups that align with your business goals. For example, if you’re diving into Shopify, focus on groups related to Shopify and your sales channels.


In addition, be wary of scammers. Watch out for shady characters. Some folks are there to lure you into scams. Keep an eye out for red flags like fake photos, empty profiles, and messages riddled with grammar and spelling errors. When in doubt, trust your gut and do a little digging before engaging.