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Are eCommerce sites indeed a great source of income? The short answer is yes. But to expound further, RJMetrics claims that online businesses average $150,000 in monthly revenue in just the first three months. And after a year, they generate about $330,000 monthly. Once the businesses reach the three-year mark, they average approximately $1,000,000 a month!
But of course, those numbers only represent the central values of the eCommerce sites. Moreover, they take into account the large companies that earn sizable amounts of revenue. 
But all the same, there are countless success stories of entrepreneurs earning a living through eCommerce sites. To further illustrate, we all know how Amazon, Staple, and Home Depot have achieved massive success through their websites.
But in this article, we will be focusing more on buying and selling websites online. 

Why should you buy and sell websites? 

Aside from the potential to bring you substantial cash flow, we provided other reasons why you should consider going into buying and selling websites:
Lower startup costs
In setting up your website, your costs will be centered around web development. For offline business, you will be putting your resources into staff, utility, and inventory. Ultimately, this means that you won’t have to spend an incredible amount of time setting up your online website and that you can have a speedier launch. 
With an e-Commerce business, you can access your website at any location during any time of the day.
Easily marketable
Once you post campaigns online, people can instantly check your website out. This is more convenient for your customers than physical stores because they don’t have to travel to your location. 
No restrictions
For e-Commerce websites, your customers and team are not limited to one location. Instead, you can reach people all over the world to work with you and avail of your products. 
Moreover, there are endless opportunities on the internet. Here, you can choose to venture into different products, niches, and more. 
When you have everything tracked online, it is easier to measure your progress and see exactly how the business is doing. But most importantly, having an e-Commerce website enables you to make accurate predictions and relevant decisions.