Freelancer Sites for Online Sellers

As your online business grows, you'll need more hands on deck. While software can automate some tasks, others require the specialized touch of a skilled freelancer. You're not alone—many online businesses thrive by teaming up with freelancers.


Here’s why:


  • Freelancers can be more affordable than full-time staff.
  • You can hire freelancers for specific projects without long-term commitments.
  • You can get expertise that might not be available in-house.
  • Freelancers can start and finish projects quickly.
  • Freelancers stay updated with industry trends and tech.
  • About 54% of freelancers work five days a week, showing their dedication.


So, where do you find the right freelancers?


Most freelancers are found on online job sites that cater to international clients.


I’ve put together a list of go-to freelancer sites for online sellers in the US. Some are general job sites, while others specialize in specific skills. These platforms attract skilled freelancers looking for projects.


I’ve also included a few tips on how to evaluate a freelancer and determine if they are the perfect fit for your job.


Let’s dive in!




When you think of where the top freelancers hang out, Upwork is probably the first name that comes to mind. It's one of the largest and most popular freelancing platforms, with over 18 million freelancers and 5 million clients.


Upwork has a huge pool of talent for your online business needs, from virtual assistants and content creators to product researchers and social media marketers. You can hire freelancers for fixed-price projects or on an hourly basis, giving you the flexibility to manage your budget and deadlines.


What's great about Upwork? For starters, its secure payment options and solid vetting system. With milestone-based payments and escrow services, both freelancers and clients are protected. Upwork also verifies freelancer skills through tests and certifications, so you know you're getting qualified professionals. Their smart matching algorithms help you find the perfect fit for your project.


And if you want to ensure you're getting top-tier talent, consider Upwork Pro. It's a premium service where Upwork’s team matches you with highly skilled and vetted freelancers.




Just like Upwork, Fiverr is a go-to spot for finding top freelancers for your e-commerce projects. Need a graphic designer for your product listings or a website designer to build a sales funnel? You'll find the perfect freelancer here.


What makes Fiverr great is its affordability, with rates starting as low as $5. This is ideal for startups on a tight budget. Plus, freelancers on Fiverr are known for their quick turnaround times, which is a big plus when you need to launch products, update your website, or roll out marketing campaigns fast.


Fiverr's rating and review system makes it easy to pick freelancers based on client feedback. The platform also assigns levels to sellers, with "Top Rated Sellers" and "Level Two Sellers" being your best bets for high-quality work. This way, you’re more likely to get the results you want.


Freelancers often offer gig extras like faster delivery, extra revisions, or expanded services. Be sure to check out these options to get the best value from your hire.




Looking for job site flexibility you can't find anywhere else? Check out! This platform offers a range of hiring options to fit your needs.


Need help with a specific project without a long-term commitment? lets you manage workloads and meet deadlines with ease. If you need extra hands for a few months, you can easily scale your team up or down based on demand. Plus, you can run contests for creative tasks like logo designs or marketing plans and choose the best entry.


For high-value projects, the Preferred Freelancer Program connects you with top-tier talent. If you prefer a hands-off approach, the Recruiter Service pairs you with a dedicated recruiter who will find the perfect freelancer for you, saving time and ensuring a great match. also offers Skill Tests so freelancers can showcase their expertise, making it easier for you to find qualified candidates quickly.




If you can’t find the perfect freelancer anywhere else, give Toptal a try. It's not your average job site—it connects you with the top 3% of freelance talent worldwide.


Here’s how it works: Toptal has a rigorous screening process, accepting only the best freelancers. Only 3% of applicants pass their standards. They test language skills, personality, and in-depth expertise, and even conduct live screenings and test projects. You’ll find top-notch freelancers in software development, design, finance, project management, and product management.


Toptal also provides a Dedicated Account Manager to simplify hiring and ensure your project runs smoothly. Plus, they offer a No-Risk Trial, letting you work with a freelancer on a trial basis before committing. If you’re not happy, you don’t pay for the trial work.




Over 1 million businesses trust PeoplePerHour to find top freelancers. The platform makes outsourcing tasks super easy.


Take "Hourlies," for example. These are pre-packaged services at fixed prices, perfect for quick, straightforward tasks. Just browse, see what’s included, and buy—no need to negotiate.


Another great feature is The Project Stream. It’s a central hub where you can manage all project communications, file exchanges, and updates. Everything stays organized and accessible, making collaboration smooth and hassle-free.


To ensure you get quality freelancers, PeoplePerHour has a dedicated moderation team that reviews all profiles and job postings. This vetting process helps keep scams at bay, so you work only with legitimate professionals.




Next up is Guru, a top talent source for your online business needs. Whether you're looking for digital marketers for your ad campaigns or customer support specialists, Guru has the perfect match for you.


What makes Guru stand out? First, there's WorkRooms, a team collaboration tool that lets you manage teams and projects all in one place. It's perfect for coordinating multiple freelancers or team members on a project.


You can customize payment terms based on milestones, tasks, or hourly work, making it easy to manage your budget. Plus, Guru's SafePay escrow service securely holds funds until the work is approved, protecting both freelancers and clients.


Freelancers provide detailed profiles, and you can save and organize them into collections for easy access and comparison. This Collections feature streamlines the selection process for ongoing or future projects.




Need someone to design your business website, brochure, or product packaging? Skip the general job sites and head straight to 99designs, a platform made just for designers.


So, what's great about 99designs? You can host a design contest—just describe your project, set a budget, and multiple designers will submit their ideas. You get to pick the best one from a pool of creative submissions. It's way more effective than sifting through hundreds of profiles.


You can also hire designers directly from their profiles and portfolios, making it easy to find someone who matches your style. And with a 100% money-back guarantee, you’re sure to get the best value for your money.




If you're on the hunt for talented designers, there's another platform you should check out: DesignCrowd. While many freelance designers spread their profiles across multiple sites, some prefer to stick to just one. So, if you haven't found the perfect creative talent for your online business on 99designs or other job sites, they're likely on DesignCrowd.


DesignCrowd uses a crowdsourcing approach, meaning you get multiple design concepts from different designers for a single project. This gives you plenty of options to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit.


Like 99designs, DesignCrowd offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the design submissions, adding a layer of security to your investment. To avoid quality issues, make sure to check designer ratings, reviews, and portfolios. This way, you can choose the best professionals based on their previous work and client feedback.




SimplyHired is an online job search engine that pulls job listings from company career pages, job boards, and niche sites, giving you access to a wide range of professionals from various industries and locations. This makes it easier to find the right freelancers for your team.


What really makes SimplyHired stand out are its unique features. Freelancers often offer competitive rates that are more affordable than hiring full-time employees, helping you manage your budget effectively.


As an employer, you can hire freelancers for short-term projects, seasonal work, or long-term engagements. This flexibility means you're not stuck with the same freelancers if their performance doesn't meet your expectations, allowing you to scale your operations based on demand.




This platform is perfect for online businesses focused on remote work. It hand-screens every job posting to ensure they are legitimate and professional, saving you time and giving you peace of mind compared to other job boards.


FlexJobs is great at connecting companies with freelancers because of its thorough approach. It quickly addresses any inefficiencies, ensuring a top-notch user experience and helping you find the right freelancer with precision.


Unlike many free job boards, FlexJobs operates on a subscription basis. This supports its rigorous screening process, ensuring high-quality job postings. If you want to speed up your search and avoid mismatches, consider subscribing.


Find the Perfect Freelancers for Your Online Business Today!


Hiring the right freelancer can truly transform your business. They boost productivity, enhance your brand, and bring fresh ideas to the table.


But with so many job sites out there, finding the perfect fit can be challenging and sometimes risky. To succeed, start by clearly outlining the skills and experience you need. Specify deadlines, project scope, and expected deliverables so freelancers know exactly what’s required.


Use filters to narrow down candidates based on skills, experience, location, and hourly rate. This speeds up your search. If the job site has ratings and badges, prioritize freelancers with high scores. While some excellent freelancers might not have top scores yet, sticking with proven talent is often safer.