Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software: Everything You Need to Know

In the competitive world of e-commerce, navigating the Amazon marketplace can be daunting for sellers. With millions of products and fierce competition, standing out and finding success requires more than just luck—it demands strategic insights and data-driven decision-making. 


This is where Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software emerges as an invaluable tool for sellers of all levels. In this guide, we'll explore its features and how you can maximize them to find rare sales opportunities on Amazon. We'll also provide tips for choosing products to sell and tracking their performance.


What is the Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software?


Jungle Scout is a software suite designed to provide Amazon sellers with the tools and features they need to research products, find profitable opportunities, and optimize their listings on Amazon. It's perfect for sellers who have no idea what to sell and can't afford to make mistakes.


How does it work? 


Jungle Scout has re-cataloged Amazon's products in its own database, offering a unique set of user-friendly filters to facilitate product research and validation. But doesn't Amazon already have its own filters? Why do sellers need a separate database?


The filters in Jungle Scout are more comprehensive, including data you won't readily see on Amazon, such as product variations, monthly revenue, keyword search volume and ranking, and more. It also comes with powerful analytics, which produces valuable insights into the most profitable products within the category or niche you're exploring.


Main Features of the Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software


Product Database

Jungle Scout has pulled over 475 million products from Amazon, including all their real-time data, to help sellers organize and evaluate their product ideas. This database can be sorted by category, sales rank, revenue, reviews, keywords, etc.


Opportunity Finder

The software allows you to find products showing seasonal spikes through its proprietary algorithm, which can gauge demand, competition, and listing quality. 



Jungle Scout offers a Chrome extension to automate the production of competitive data, profit projects, and other key insights, helping you validate product ideas faster.


Category Trends

With this software, you can choose products to sell on Amazon based on the most accurate real-time data. It's also capable of tracking the historical performance of the top 100 products in your chosen categories. 


Product Tracker 

In addition to the top-performing products, Jungle Scout can track your own inventory down to the last item. It allows you to monitor your products' average daily sales, price changes, ranges, and more to stay ahead of the competition.


Free Sales Estimator

Use the free sales estimator to get a glimpse of Jungle Scout's tracking and analytics capabilities. Just type your chosen Amazon marketplace, product category, and bestseller's rank number, and the system will give you an accurate monthly sales volume prediction.


How to Use the Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software


Using the Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software isn't rocket science, but it might seem tricky for beginners, especially if they haven't done much product research before. Follow this simple guide to maximize Jungle Scout's unique features.


Step 1: Choose product categories.


When filtering your search, Jungle Scout allows you to do it manually or use presets that match your desired actions. You can also save your own filter set for future use. However, if you're planning to try new product categories and characteristics, follow this procedure—


Log in to the software and select "Product Research." From the drop-down menu, click "Product Database." This will take you to a page where you can search for specific products based on the marketplace, categories, tier, prices, ranking, etc. 


Choose a marketplace or country where the products you're researching are sold. Then, choose categories from the list provided. Depending on your strategy, you can check one or multiple categories.    


Tips for Choosing Products to Sell on Amazon


  1. Look for products that are consistent and in high demand. Research trends, seasonality, and the overall popularity of the product category.
  2. Evaluate the level of competition for the product. High competition may make it harder to stand out, while low competition could indicate untapped opportunities.
  3. Calculate potential profit margins by considering the cost of sourcing, shipping, Amazon fees, and other expenses. Aim for products with healthy profit margins.
  4. Consider the availability and cost of sourcing the product. Look for reliable suppliers or manufacturers who consistently provide quality products.
  5. Ensure that the products align with your brand identity and target audience. Consistency in product offerings can help build brand loyalty.
  6. Familiarize yourself with Amazon's policies and guidelines regarding selling specific products, restricted categories, and compliance requirements.
  7. Consider the size and weight of the products as they affect shipping costs, storage fees, and customer experience.
  8. Evaluate whether the product is affected by seasonal trends or if it has year-round demand. Diversifying your product selection to include seasonal and evergreen products can help maintain consistent sales.
  9. Analyze customer reviews and ratings for similar products to understand customer preferences, pain points, and areas for improvement.
  10. Ensure the products comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as safety standards, trademarks, and patents.


If you're just starting out, avoid products with many moving parts or that are considered high-risk, like electronics and gourmet food. Your best options are simple and easy-to-ship products. 


Clothing may seem like a good starting inventory, but the truth is it's hard to sell when you're a new, no-name store, as most buyers of clothes and shoes are brand loyal.  


Step 2: Describe your desired products in detail.


Narrow down your search by using the filters on the right side of your screen. Under Product Tier, you have two options: "Standard" and "Oversized." If you're new to selling on Amazon or even if you're experienced but lack the resources to store and manage large items, opt for "Standard."


Oversized products are heavier and more expensive to pack and ship. Amazon also has specific restrictions on the number of parcels you can ship. Standard-sized products offer flexibility and have a much larger market. It allows you to start small and scale steadily until you reach your target profit.


For the "Seller Type," choose the one that matches your business model. For instance, if you plan to use third-party logistics, choose FBA so that Jungle Scout will only look for successful listings in this category. If you skip this part, Jungle Scout will search all three places.


Use the filter to search for products within your desired pricing. The products should be at least $18 to secure a high profit margin. You want products with consistent and high demand, so search for those with at least 300 monthly sales or 10 sales per day.


Next, filter your search by competition. You want products that are in high demand but are in low competition. One way to measure this is by counting reviews. Fewer reviews often indicate low competition. Products with around 50 to 100 reviews are ideal for beginners.


Jungle Scout also allows you to filter your search based on when the product was first available and on relevant keywords. If you decide to include or exclude keywords, keep them broad to obtain diverse but valuable results. 


Step 3: Analyze the results to find opportunities.


After hitting "Search," Jungle Scout will show you a list of matching products and all the data you need to analyze and extract insights from. You can download the data as a CSV file to analyze offline or stay on the platform.


Data, such as variant differences, monthly revenue, listing quality score (LQS), reviews, and rank, are shown in columns. Many more are available for viewing, but it's up to you which ones to show and use for analysis. 


Jungle Scout updates results in real time to ensure your decision is based on the latest data. Click the refresh button at the rightmost part of the product row to update the results for your chosen products. 


Integrate Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software into Your Amazon Business Today!


Leveraging data-driven insights is paramount for success on online marketplaces like Amazon. Jungle Scout Amazon Seller Software stands at the forefront of this revolution, empowering sellers with the tools and resources they need to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive world of online retail. 


Whether you're a seasoned seller looking to scale your business or a beginner navigating the complexities of e-commerce for the first time, Jungle Scout is a trusted ally on your journey to Amazon success.