Navigating Tactical Arbitrage Online Arbitrage Software Like a Pro

Are you ready to take your online arbitrage game to the next level? Look no further than Tactical Arbitrage, the powerful Amazon arbitrage software designed to revolutionize your sourcing process. 


Finding profitable opportunities amid an ocean of products and a highly competitive market can be scary and confusing. Tactical Arbitrage's advanced features and intuitive interface simplify the process.


This guide explains everything you need to know about Tactical Arbitrage. From setting up your account to navigating its various tools and functionalities, we'll provide step-by-step instructions and expert tips to help you master the art of Amazon arbitrage and bulk selling in no time.  


What is Tactical Arbitrage?


Tactical Arbitrage is a tool designed for online sellers who engage in online arbitrage. Online arbitrage is the process of buying products from one marketplace at a lower price and selling them on another platform for a profit. Tactical Arbitrage automates this process by scanning Amazon and other marketplaces for arbitrage opportunities. 


This software helps users identify profitable products by comparing prices, fees, and other relevant factors across multiple platforms. Additionally, it has features for analyzing sales ranks, historical pricing data, and other metrics to make informed decisions. 


Top Tools and Features Tactical Arbitrage Offers


Tactical Arbitrage simplifies product search, listing, and management for Amazon sellers by offering a range of tools and features tailored to address common arbitrage and bulk selling challenges. Here are some of its main features.


Vast Network

Tactical Arbitrage allows access to over 1,000 stores and marketplaces, prominent and lesser-known alike, from which you can source highly profitable products to add to your growing inventory on Amazon.


Data Filter

You can search for top-performing products with high precision using the software's comprehensive filters. Then, you can analyze their data for reliable and up-to-date market insights.


Wholesale Search

Becoming a wholesaler can be tricky because reliable product sources aren't easy to find. However, Tactical Arbitrage can lead you to profitable deals simply by analyzing wholesale manifests.


Tactical Edge

This software can also track the prices of top-performing products in every niche, helping you set competitive prices for your products in real time.    


Reverse Lookup

It's easier to decide where to source your products and how much to sell them for on Amazon if you have access to where sellers source their products. This software allows you to do just that through its reverse lookup feature.


Library Search

Books remain among Amazon's most profitable products. Tactical Arbitrage can help you find high-quality books, brand-new or pre-owned, from multiple online and physical stores.


How to Use Tactical Arbitrage to Bump Up Your Amazon Business


Before we dive into the core of this product-sourcing tool, let's first discuss the cost of the subscriptions. Tactical Arbitrage offers six types of membership, each with a unique set of features that facilitate product selection and validation. 


  • Flip Pack: $59/month
  • Wholesale: $69/month
  • Online Arbitrage: $89/month
  • Online Arbitrage + Wholesale: $109/month
  • Full Suite: $129/month
  • Pro: $1,490/month


Note: These prices may change depending on the demand and upgrades that the creator rolls out. So, if you're considering subscribing, check the Tactical Arbitrage website for updates.


As you can see from these subscription services, Tactical Arbitrage caters to two types of sellers: flippers and wholesalers. We will walk you through using the platform for both online arbitrage and wholesale sourcing. 


Online Arbitrage Sourcing Using Tactical Arbitrage


Here's a detailed roadmap to sourcing products to flip on Amazon using Tactical Arbitrage. 


Step 1: Look for the best sales online. 


Search for discounts and promo codes to maximize profits when selling products on Amazon. Utilizing these deals is critical to boosting earnings through online arbitrage. For the best sourcing opportunities, look for online stores or marketplaces that regularly offer discounts of at least 15% on their products.


Here are three ways to find websites that offer massive discounts: 

  • Refer to Tactical Arbitrage's long list of sourcing sites 
  • Search for them on Google
  • Search for them on other marketplaces like Rakuten and eBay


The third method is the easiest because most online marketplaces put coupons on their home pages, making them easy to see. You won't have to scan multiple pages to find hot deals. 


Once you find a website offering a sufficient discount to generate a decent profit, visit it and search for coupons and promo codes. These sales often include cashback on both your purchase and your credit card.


Shop for the coupons. Depending on your chosen store, you'll be taken to a page listing all products eligible for the coupons. Copy the URL of that page and note the number of listing pages on it.


Step 2: Log into your Tactical Arbitrage account.


On your dashboard, select "Product Search" from the menu on the sidebar. Then, plug in the details you've collected from the website you've just visited. These include the website's domain name, the page's URL, and the number of pages to scan (for example, 1-45). 


Next, filter your search. First, enter all available discounts, including the store discount, cashback, and gift cards. Cashback includes what you'll get from the purchase and on your credit card. Also, input your sales tax to let the system factor it into the analytics. Play with the rest of the filters and hit "Search."


Tip: Not all states have sales tax. Delaware, for example, doesn't require online businesses to pay sales tax. If you're considering going completely hands-off in your arbitrage business, these are the best places to look for a prep center.


Step 3: Clean and analyze your data.


The next step is to clean your data because, unfortunately, Tactical Arbitrage can make mistakes. It might pull up products that don't meet your criteria. Remove private label items and those with mismatched titles, restrictions, and other issues. 


Among the remaining products, select at least three to start focusing on. Once you've confirmed their profitability, you can expand your inventory. Running ads may be necessary to gain an advantage, particularly in competitive niches.


Wholesale Sourcing Using Tactical Arbitrage


You need a different subscription to access Tactical Arbitrage's premium wholesale search features. If you plan to do both arbitrage and wholesale, getting the combined subscriptions can save you $49 monthly. 


Once subscribed, log in and select "Wholesale Search" from the menu. Set up your filters to narrow your search, including where to source and sell your products. Then, upload a manifest you've obtained from your previous suppliers. 


Set up more filters to organize your search further. Add a search title, a UPC, and a price to limit the data the software uploads and analyzes from your manifest. 


The software will scan a lot more data from the sheet, most of which is irrelevant and may only mess up the results. Remove irrelevant data, including product categories you don't want to scan, products that rank below 500,000, and product listings that contain words you want to avoid (for instance, pack or bundle).


Factor in costs, such as shipping, processing, and credit card fees. You can also filter your search by your desired profit and ROI. Bulk selling costs less than online arbitrage because your supplier does most of the work, so you have more flexibility in assuming a profit margin. You can decide to lower your per-unit price but increase your volume to make more profit.


Then, hit search. Tactical Arbitrage displays the number of products it scans on Amazon and how many meet your filters. To review each matching item, click "View Data" in the bottom left corner. The software provides extensive information about each item to help you make informed purchasing decisions.


Master the Art of Arbitrage and Wholesale Search with Tactical Arbitrage Today!


Whether you're a seasoned seller looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer seeking to start an Amazon business, Tactical Arbitrage offers a robust toolkit to navigate the complexities of online arbitrage more efficiently.


Embrace the wealth of data at your fingertips and leverage the insights provided by Tactical Arbitrage to find the right supplier and maximize your profits. Follow this guide to start your arbitrage journey and unleash the full potential of your Amazon business.