YouTube Channels for Online Sellers

Ever wonder why some big YouTube channels flop on TikTok or Instagram? It's all to do with the audience’s intention. People come to each platform with different expectations and preferences for content—a perfect example of "different strokes for different folks."


YouTube viewers typically look for long-form, detailed content like courses, in-depth product reviews, and documentaries. Meanwhile, TikTok and Instagram users enjoy short, snappy, and trendy videos. This means YouTube is a much better resource if you’re trying to learn new skills or dive deeper into your craft, especially in areas like e-commerce.


However, not all videos are a gem. You'll find a mix of hits and misses. To make the most of your learning experience, focus on videos that are relevant to your goals and offer practical advice that you can actually use.


I've put together a list of YouTube channels that I think are perfect for improving your e-commerce skills. I follow them myself to stay on top of the latest trends and sharpen my skills, even though I'm already running successful businesses. They give me fresh ideas and guide me in the right direction when I feel lost.


Wholesale Ted


The first YouTube channel I want to introduce to you is Wholesale Ted—a real gem in my book. With over 1.2 million subscribers and 55 million accumulated views, it is one of the most popular e-commerce channels on the platform.


Sarah Chrisp, the channel's owner, specializes in branding and packaging design. That's why many of her videos focus on design and advertising tools like Canva and Midjourney. I like her simplicity and keep-it-real attitude.


Besides content creation, Sarah operates multiple successful businesses that inform the advice and recommendations in her e-commerce videos. Her insights and commentary for online entrepreneurs are packed with actionable wisdom you can use right away.


This channel stands out for its hands-on tutorials and ready-to-use strategies. Whether it’s product research, marketing, or scaling up, Sarah’s clear and engaging videos have everything you need. Plus, her real-life case studies and success stories will keep you motivated and on course.


Wholesale Ted’s down-to-the-wire approach is a refreshing twist in the e-commerce space. It’s raw and pure. Additionally, its vibrant, supportive community makes it an ideal hub for budding entrepreneurs to network and thrive together.


Here’s her channel.




GaryVee is another YouTube channel you shouldn’t miss, whether you’re a new or experienced online seller. This channel is all about unlocking the secrets of entrepreneurship, social media, and business. It has over 4 million subscribers and a whopping half a billion views across over 5,000 videos.


This channel is run by Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur who leads VaynerX, VaynerMedia, and VeeFriends. You'll find documentary-style vlogs, the interactive #AskGaryVee Show, keynote speeches, and interviews with other experts. It's a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to improve their business skills and stay ahead in digital marketing.


What I like about GaryVee is Gary's authentic and no-nonsense approach. His content is raw and unfiltered, offering an honest glimpse into the entrepreneurial hustle. He shares both his successes and failures, making his advice relatable and genuine.


The diverse content mix keeps things fresh, with practical tips on everything from branding to e-commerce strategies, ensuring there's something for everyone.


Gary’s energetic and motivational style is a major draw. He emphasizes long-term thinking and sustainable business growth, which is a breath of fresh air in a world often obsessed with quick wins.


Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established online seller, GaryVee’s channel is a goldmine of inspiration and practical advice, making it a must-subscribe for anyone serious about their business journey.


Here’s his channel.




Dropshipping can be a tough nut to crack for any e-commerce rookie. Unfortunately, many still fall for the promise of instant earnings from YouTubers who make it sound easy. That’s not what you’ll hear from our next YouTube channel on our list: THE ECOM KING.


Kamil Sattar created this channel to serve as a guide for both new and experienced dropshippers. He offers tutorials, case studies, and insights into effective marketing, but he doesn't stop there.


Kamil also shares his own experiences, including both his successes and failures. He’s straightforward about the realities of dropshipping, providing honest advice to help beginners avoid common mistakes.


What sets THE ECOM KING apart from other e-commerce channels is its strong focus on dropshipping and its hands-on approach. The channel frequently updates its content to reflect the latest industry trends and engages actively with its community, offering personalized support.


Here’s his channel.


Franklin Hatchett


Just starting in e-commerce and looking to up your game and explore a new income stream? Then, you should subscribe to Franklin Hatchett. He teaches legit ways to make money online, from affiliate marketing to side hustles and using e-commerce tools.


Before starting his YouTube channel, his primary sources of income were affiliate marketing and e-commerce. Yes, he walks the talk. And that’s what got me hooked—his focus on things he’s good at. Unlike other e-commerce channels, he doesn’t go off-topic for the views, making his videos authentic and reliable.  


Franklin's channel is also known for its engaging content and strong community vibe. He actively engages with his audience, responding to comments and hosting live sessions. This interaction fosters a supportive community where viewers can learn from each other. The channel now has over 590,000 subscribers and over 33 million views.


Here’s his channel.


Kevin David


Another e-commerce expert you should get to know is Kevin David. Like Gary Vaynerchuk, Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and an internationally renowned speaker on entrepreneurship and digital business.


Before achieving his current success, he was just like many others, stuck in the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job. Then, he decided to risk it all and went on to become an 8-figure Amazon seller. That was when he knew his journey to financial freedom was set in stone.


Kevin David covers everything from Amazon FBA and Shopify dropshipping to digital marketing and passive income strategies. With clear, step-by-step tutorials and interviews with successful entrepreneurs, Kevin's practical wisdom can turn things around.


Like other genuine YouTubers, Kevin doesn't just share the highs but also the lows of his entrepreneurial journey, providing a realistic view of what it takes to succeed. His videos are well-produced, engaging, and regularly updated, ensuring subscribers always have fresh, relevant content at their fingertips.


Here’s his channel.


Neil Patel


If you've read blog posts about SEO and content marketing before getting into e-commerce, chances are you've seen Neil Patel's articles. He's a well-known expert in those fields.


While his articles are helpful, they can be tedious to read. The good news is he also has a successful YouTube channel where he covers everything you need to know about digital marketing. Unlike his blog posts, these videos include visuals that make learning easier.


What made me subscribe to Neil’s channel is his honesty and humility. He doesn’t pretend to know everything. When he covers a topic outside his expertise, he invites experts and cites credible sources. This makes his videos very informative and trustworthy.


Here’s his channel.


MyWifeQuitHerJob Ecommerce Channel


If you've just learned about this channel, here’s a quick backstory on its unique name. The owner, Steve Chou, came up with "MyWifeQuitHerJob" after his wife decided to leave her 9-to-5 job. This pivotal moment led them to start an online business together, which is the focus of the channel.


On this channel, Steve teaches people how to start their own online businesses so they can spend more time with friends and family. He answers FAQs about e-commerce and explains in layman’s terms complex topics, such as product sourcing, niche research, and social media marketing.


What makes this channel stand out is its honest, clear, and detailed discussions on key e-commerce topics. Each video feels like a full online e-commerce course, all for free. The channel now has over 320,000 subscribers and has uploaded over 500 videos.


Here’s his channel.


Tatiana James


Want more business ideas that suit a globetrotting entrepreneurial lifestyle? You need to watch Tatiana James’ videos ASAP. Tatiana is a self-made millionaire who runs online businesses and creates content alongside her husband.


On her channel, she offers insights into the mindset needed for success, detailed tutorials for launching a thriving online business, and effective strategies for enhancing your life. Her videos vary widely in length, ranging from quick 7-minute tips to in-depth discussions that can last over two hours.


You'll love this channel because Tatiana's examples are very relatable, especially for those with families, making each lesson easy to follow. She also interviews successful online sellers from around the world, asking precise, meaningful questions to uncover key information.


Here’s her channel.


Sunny Lenarduzzi


Sunny Lenarduzzi is an 8-figure business owner who teaches people how to build, launch, and scale their online businesses. She uses her YouTube channel, among other platforms, to do this.


Her channel isn't just about e-commerce basics; it dives into creating and selling online courses, crafting viral content for cash, and much more. Sunny doesn't shy away from tough topics either—she tackles how to bounce back from business flops, turn blunders into big bucks, and boost your productivity as an entrepreneur.


What really makes Sunny’s content pop is her straightforward yet ambitious style. If you're enjoying her YouTube videos and they're helping you along your e-commerce path, check out the free training available on her website. Plus, she offers a bunch of free resources to really elevate your online business game.


Here’s her channel.


E-commerce Tech Brands


Just to clarify, the title mentioned isn't actually a YouTube channel. It represents channels run by big e-commerce players like Shopify, Oberlo, and Jungle Scout. They focus primarily on showing you how to use their platforms effectively.


You'll find tons of valuable insights in their videos, especially on the latest e-commerce trends and using tech to boost your profits. They're great at offering strategies to scale up your business efficiently.


If you're thinking about incorporating these tools into your online venture, tuning into these channels can make a huge difference. With the e-commerce arena becoming more competitive, leveraging their insights could give you a crucial edge. Staying updated with technological advancements and exploring all your options through these resources is definitely a smart move.


Here are their channels: Shopify, Oberlo, Jungle Scout, etc.


Kick Off Your E-Commerce Journey on YouTube Today!


Each YouTube channel is unique. Many of the channels on this list may cover the same topics, but each has its own approach based on the owner’s personal experiences. You can choose to subscribe to all of them and watch all their videos, but I recommend focusing on the channel you resonate with the most.


You don’t have to apply everything these channels teach. Just pick the nuggets of wisdom that you think can help you on your own unique journey. The same goes for the tools and resources they recommend. Only invest in those that you truly need and read independent reviews to ensure you’ll make the most of them.