Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple pay does not only allow you to make transactions in a few seconds, but the application also keeps your purchases private and protects your account from any form of possible fraud. 

Contents of this Article: 


  • What is Apple Pay? 
  • How does Apple Pay work? 


What is Apple Pay? 


This application is a more convenient and safer alternative to physical cards. Through Apple Pay, Apple users are able to make contactless transactions in applications, stores, and even on the web. 

How does Apple Pay work? 


Set up your Apple Pay on your mobile phone through the following steps: 
  1. Open the Wallet application and tap on the “+” symbol on the upper right part of your screen. 

  2. Scan your card. 

  3. Fill in the required details. Some banks may urge you to download specific applications to add your card to the wallet successfully. 

  4. Once you’re done filling in all the details needed, go ahead and click on “Next.” 

  5. You then have to wait for the financial institution that issued your card to verify your details. 

  6. Once your card has been verified, go ahead and click the “Next” button and you’re all set. 


Now that you have set up your Apple Pay, you can choose to use your Apple device to pay for online purchases, trains, buses, restaurants, and more. Apple Pay also enables users to send and receive money to and from other Apple users across the country. 

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