Growing your business exponentially will not be impossible with the help of Feedvisor, as it offers exceptional ways to maximize demand and profitability.




Contents of the Article: 


  • What is Feedvisor? 
  • How does Feedvisor work? 


What is Feedvisor? 


With a service-team, Feedvisor is a next-generation optimization platform for sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and other E-Marketplaces. Offering people with legitimate advertising solutions, the company ensures significant results in your business’ sales and overall customer engagement. Moreover, Feedvisor provides a good deal of products that every online seller should have.


How does Feedvisor work? 


To partner with Feedvisor, you need to reach out to one of the company’s team members. A short and straight-forward sign-up box can be found on the official website. Here, all you need to do is fill out your personal details and business model. Once you have done that, you can get started.

Partnering with the company means getting exclusive guidance from a team of experts in the field who you will work with to find the perfect solution to your business. 

In addition to that, you also receive access to top-of-the-line AI-driven technology.

Moreover, the plans of Feedvisor include: 

Price Optimization and Intelligence


This plan offers the following packages: 


  1. Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer
  2. ProductSphere™ Pricing
  3. Predictive Business Intelligence
  4. Amazon Expertise

This plan comes in three different versions: Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. 


Advertising Optimization and Intelligence


For this plan, you can choose from the following packages: 


  1. Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer
  2. Predictive Business Intelligence
  3. Amazon Expertise
Aside from having fewer packages than the previous plan, the Advertising Optimization and Intelligence plan offers the packages in two versions, namely Feedvisor and Feedvisor Plus.


Brand Optimization and Intelligence: 


Similar to the previous plan, you can also choose from the following packages for this one: 


  1. Algorithmic Buy Box Repricer
  2. Predictive Business Intelligence
  3. Amazon Expertise

This is different from the first two plans because it only offers one version, which is Enterprise. 








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