If you are looking for a time-saving, simple, and easy application that will help you list your products, post promotions, and more in a time-saving manner, InkFrog is the best option for you.




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  • What is InkFrog? 
  • How does InkFrog work? 


What is InkFrog? 


Helping eBay sellers through cross-selling tools, image hosting, listing software, listing templates, bunk edits, and inventory sync, InkFrog is one of the most valuable management applications out there. As of now, the company has helped 200,000 sellers revolutionize their online businesses. And InkFrog aims to make the number increase exponentially in the following years.


How does InkFrog work? 


Primary catered to eBay sellers, InkFrog is an application that offers six products: 

eBay Bulk Edit

Customers can modify their listing more efficiently through the rapid edit feature. Users can also conveniently update their products by batch, assign a designer template, and modify listings by creating custom groups.


eBay Cross-Selling Tools

This feature allows you to add best-selling products to your template, select promotable listings individually or at random, and customize the number of promotions you will like to appear on your page.


eBay Image Hosting

InkFrog provides frictionless image hosting, which means you can import images to your store from DropBox within a few seconds. This feature also allows customers to create eBay listings from their product images and organize media details in bulk. 


eBay Listing Software

You can do a number of things under the InkFrog eBay listing software: 


  • Utilize SEO

In just a few clicks, InkFrog will automatically pre-fill your product catalogs. 

  • Policy updating

Users can manage the policies or profiles of their store listings, returns, shipping, and payment across easily.

  • Templates

InkFrog gives their users the choice to either use a pre-defined HTML eBay template or create their own. 

  • Libraries

You can organize your store by creating folders and find them using custom filters. This feature also allows users to create their own saved searches. 

  • Schedule your listings

Ensure your listings are posted on time and on a regular basis by scheduling your products. 

  • Automatic relist rules

Users can increase their revenues by setting up a relist format and time to optimize their relist success rate. 

  • Emails

This feature will automatically send purchase confirmation and shipment emails to your buyers. 

  • Order and customer management

Orders from your eBay store will be synced to InkFrog for more convenient management. Here, you can update statuses of paid and shipped products and send updates to your buyers. 

  • Messaging

Through InkFrog, you can send and receive eBay messages directly from your account. The messaging option is conveniently built into your order history so you can identify products to their corresponding emails. 

eBay Listing Templates

Customize your store's overall design, cross-sell your items, choose from hundreds of templates, or upload your own HTML template to build a distinct and eccentric page for your business. 


Inventory Sync

InkFrog will sync your eBay listings, including your inventory, over to Wix or Shopify in a simple and fast manner. This feature also rids the complex spreadsheets that will only lead to more confusion and chaos. Instead, enjoy InkFrog's intelligent mapping system to make the process of importing and exporting listings from Wix, BigCommerce, and Shopify exceptionally easier.



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