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Inventory Lab

If you want to have access to specific, simple, and valuable data regarding your business anytime, anywhere, Inventory Lab is for you.  



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  • What is Inventory Lab? 
  • How does Inventory Lab work? 


What is Inventory Lab? 


Offering users effective ways to increase revenue, manage inventory, oversee expenses, and more, Inventory Lab is the perfect software for Amazon sellers. Moreover, the interface will significantly help you stay on top of your business as it focuses more on the accounting or financial aspects. Specifically, Inventory Lab provides insight into your sales, profit, and expenses.


How does Inventory Lab work? 


The company offers two applications: Stratify, which is for desktop users, and Scoutify, which can be installed on your mobile phone.



This application provides users with real-time product scouting data, a product list, accounting management tools, inventory management tools, and product reports. 



The application reveals the potential profitability of an item, all you need to do is input the product’s buy cost. With a built-in barcode scanner, the application also supplies users with product details, which includes offers, rank, categories, and more. 

Furthermore, the company’s interface includes the following menu items: 


This includes FBA sales, merchant sales, refunds, other income, mileage, expenses, reimbursements, and more. 
    This section mainly offers information on profitability. Specifically, it provides users with data on suppliers, category, stock keeping unit, and Amazon standard identification profitability. Moreover, the reports menu also indicates inventory valuation, sales tax report, profit, and loss. 

      The List menu contains information on Amazon listing errors, open batches, and closed batches. 


      There are two subcategories under this section, mainly the FBA sales and merchant sales. 


      Under research, users are given access to information on scout and history. 

      And of course, the interface comes with a user guide, troubleshooting functions, and a support portal. 



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