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IO Scout

A sales software designed for Amazon sellers, IO Scout offers game-changing products and services to make your business become one of the leading competitors on the platform. 




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  • What is IO Scout?
  • How does IO Scout work? 


What is IO Scout?


IO Scout offers various tools that make it easier for its clients to navigate and manage their online businesses. Moreover, the company gives insight into the best products to invest in, sales statistics, and more.


How does IO Scout work? 


IO scout will help you get access to relevant statistics you need to significantly improve your business through the following tools:

Product Research Tool

Depending on your criteria, this tool will show you the top products you can sell on the platform. Here, you can conduct research on product data and trends. In addition to that, analyzing your competitor’s sales is also made possible through the company’s Product Research Tool. 


Amazon Product Tracker

Get ideas for products to sell on Amazon through the Product Tracker. This tool will provide you with hourly data updates to see where you are at with the other sellers.


Amazon Keyword Tool

Through this tool, you can get to know which products customers are looking for on the platform. The Amazon Keyword tool also enables users to grab an insight into in-demand niches.


Amazon Chrome Extension

Once installed, customers will be equipped with product data essential for analysis and scouting. 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Calculator 

IOS Scout strategically came up with the FBA calculator to help users manage their costs, income tax, and other fees in a time-efficient and less complicated manner. Moreover, the calculator was designed to help users find the top high-profiting products on the platform.

Amazon Sales Estimator

Completely free, this tool gives you monthly estimates on sales in specific categories based on the product’s sales rank. Also called the Amazon best sellers rank calculator, this allows users to make sales predictions and keep an eye on competitors all while launching products.

Listing Optimizer

Improve your search results and grow your sales through data-driven listings with the IO Scout Listing Optimizer. Aside from the products listed above, IO Scout also offers sellers the following services:

Online Program

IO Scout offers an online web class focused on helping clients build Amazon businesses from scratch. The program will give you access to insider strategies from top Amazon sellers, performance checklists and profit calculators, worksheets, scripts, templates, and even personal mentors.

Unique Product Package

This package will conduct all the research to find the best product to sell on the platform.

Suppliers Database

This package will provide users with lists of suppliers from the United States along with their respective contact details.


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