Phoenix v2

Phoenix v2

Changing the perspective of product research, Phoenix v2 will help you discover the product that will bring your business incredibly high ROI. 



Contents of the Article: 


  • What is Six Leaf? 
  • What is ASIN?
  • What is Phoenix v2?  
  • How does the Phoenix v2 work


What is Six Leaf? 


Catering to 7 and 8 figure brands every day, SixLeaf is a platform that helps build, scale, and launch eCommerce businesses. The company helps Amazon sellers effectively promote their listings and earn more revenue.


What is ASIN? 


The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique set of 10 letters or numbers provided by Amazon to identify the products being sold on the platform. These product identifiers are essential in tracking inventory, referencing catalog data, and producing catalog pages. Moreover, incorrect use of these numbers can result in the violation of Amazon’s selling terms.

Aside from that, ASIN has the following functions: 


  1. Allow customers to search by going over multiple categories 
  2. Enable Amazon to present products that accurately correspond to the customers’ searches 
  3. Help customers search for specific products 

In return, your products will not be searched and discovered by customers if you fail to utilize your ASIN correctly. 


What is Phoenix v2?


While ASINspector is not being offered by the company anymore, they have come up with the Phoenix v2. This latest version adds more advanced and time-efficient features to ASINspector, making it a better tool for your brand.  


How does the Phoenix v2 work? 


Phoenix v2 rids of overwhelming clients with information that will only result in more uncertainty. Moreover, it provides users with the most accurate sales estimates and tools like ASIN Strength, Listing Quality, and more. 

The analytics provided by Phoenix v2 help businesses find the best products to invest in. The platform also equips users with essential data ready for users to digest and analyze. 

Powered by Real-time Integration Sales Engine (RISE), Phoenix v2’s algorithm is conveniently backed by a team of machine-learning focused data analysts.

Furthermore, Phoenix offers the following plans that offer a 7-day risk-free trial. 


The Acorn plan is perfect for businesses that are still starting and looking for ways to increase market share. Included in the product are the following features: 

  • 1 Seller Central Account Integration

  • 1-Click Auto Review

  • Lynx: 1 Pixel​

  • Lynx: Unlimited links

  • Lynx: 5,000 clicks/month 

  • Lynx: All URLs Available

  • Guard: Unlimited ASIN Protection

  • Sense (coming soon): 50 Alerts

  • Chrome Extension: Phoenix

  • Chrome Extension: Mass Review Request


Meanwhile, Oak caters explicitly to businesses that are looking to grow faster. Oak has everything the Acorn plan offers with additional features that include: 

  • 2 Seller Central Integrations

  • ZonBlast Next

  • ZonBlast Next: Full Featured Wallet

  • ZonBlast Next: 100+ Rebate Options

  • ZonBlast Next: Rebate Monitor

  • ZonBlast Next: 4% Fees

  • Lynx: 5 Pixels

  • Lynx: 50,000 clicks/month

  • Lynx: Custom Branded URLs

  • Lynx: Custom Slugs (coming soon)

  • Guard: Unlimited ASIN Protection​

  • Sense (coming soon): 500 Alerts


Lastly, Redwood offers tools for new businesses looking to increase their market share. Moreover, the plan includes everything in Oak with the following additional features: 

  • 4 Seller Central Integrations 

  • ZonBlast Next: 2% Wallet Fees

  • Lynx: Unlimited Pixels

  • Lynx: 500,000 clicks/mo

  • Guard: Unlimited ASIN Protection​

  • Sense (coming soon): 1000 Alerts



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