A platform that works with other websites such as Shopify, Magneto, and BigCommerce, TargetBay guides its customers by equipping them with personalized communication and relevant analytics.



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  • What is TargetBay? 
  • How does TargetBay work? 


What is TargetBay? 


TargetBay is an e-mail marketing application that makes the process of sending out personalized emails speedy and effortless. Aside from that, this four-in-one eCommerce platform also collects reviews and displays product recommendations. Furthermore, TargetBay helps its customers significantly grow their eCommerce conversions.


How does TargetBay work? 


Offering personalization solutions for eCommerce businesses worldwide, TargetBay covers four modules: product reviews, product recommendations, email personalization, and behavioral pop-ups. Moreover, the platform specifically offers the following products:



This product maximizes the benefits of user reviews or user-generated content through TargetBay’s automated shipment emails. BayReviews will help businesses strategically distribute user-generated content across various channels. 



BaySmart helps businesses become aware of the specific products their customers want from their eCommerce website. Through TargetBay's product recommendations, both the customers' cart value and transaction rates will grow significantly. 

The algorithm provides users with real-time data regarding customer navigation patterns on your website. In return, businesses can tailor recommendations to make their customers stay on the website longer and therefore make more transactions.



TargetBay also utilizes this game-changing email marketing software that will undoubtedly cause substantial growth to your business. Through this product, businesses can choose from a good number of templates. Here, coupons, ratings, and reviews can be integrated into the emails. Furthermore, BayEngage will ensure that your emails will land in your potential client’s inbox.



TargetBay helps customers with web targeting through AdRoll’s product reviews, coupons, product recommendations, and more. 

Every user who visits your website will be given a cookie. TargetBay will then use these cookies to grab an insight into the other websites your visitors go to. This way, customers will receive targeted ads that will lead to your website via social media websites such as Facebook.



This product is explicitly for pop-up improvement. TargetBay will help you design pop-ups that will appear at the perfect time to convince your customers to shop on your website. Moreover, BayServe enables businesses to understand and identify customer behavioral triggers and shopping patterns for better conversions.



Organize photos on your Instagram account to your eCommerce page through BayPics. This application will help you improve your page's overall layout by allowing you to customize your home page, product listing, and more.  



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