Catering to small and mid-sized businesses, WordStream will help you see unbelievable results through their advertising software and services. 




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  • What is WordStream? 
  • How does WordStream work? 


What is WordStream? 


Helping business owners, agencies, and marketers worldwide, Wordstream is partnered with Google, Bing, and Facebook to provide advertising software and services.  Originally a keyword research tool, the company has evolved into a suite of cross-platform advertising solutions. Now, they have played a role in the success of countless businesses around the world.


How does WordStream work? 


This industry-leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) product company offers customers guidance for Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing campaigns optimization. 

Through the company’s 20-Minute Work Week, advertisers will learn how to execute the following tasks to grow their business successfully: 

  1. Manage AdWords, Bing, and Facebook in a single place 

  2. Manage bids 

  3. Improve quality score 

  4. Identify negative keywords

  5. Build out campaigns 

  6. Run Facebook and other social media advertisements

  7. Research new keywords 

  8. Track calls and conversations

  9. Report on campaigns 

  10. Create optimized landing pages 

WordStream also provides guidance for marketing agencies to train their respective teams and grow their clients’ online advertising dynamic. Moreover, the company will help you acquire knowledge regarding the following: 

  1. AdWords, Bing, and Facebook management 

  2. Bids management 

  3. Quality score improvement 

  4. Identification of negative words

  5. Building out of campaigns 

  6. Multiple client management 

  7. Budget tracing across multiple clients 

  8. Tracking of calls and conversions 

  9. Advances, customizable reporting 

  10. Running of social media advertisements 







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