5 Minutes Read on How to Run a  Remarketing Campaign with Google Ads

5 Minutes Read on How to Run a Remarketing Campaign with Google Ads

If you want to learn how to set up Google Ads to run a remarketing campaign, then this short article was made just for you. It will not require much of your just a few minutes, but you can guarantee that those minutes will be well worth it. Take the unknown mystery out of branding and keep things light, interesting, and, most importantly, easy to use. You will learn how to make a Google Ads remarketing campaign in less time than it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee.

By reading this article, you will discover; 

  • Understanding what is Remarketing 
  • The complete, step-by-step guide on creating a Google AdWords remarketing campaign.
  • The Common Errors that Should Be Avoided
  • Ethics and Best Practices in Remarketing

Remarketing helps you reach out to people who have stopped by your website, smartphone application, or other digital materials. Using this technique, you can follow up with visitors to your website after they have already left to remind them of your products and services. If you have a Google Ads account and want people to take a certain action on your website, you should launch a remarketing campaign.

How to Establish a Remarketing Ads Campaign on Google?

Setting up a Google Ads remarketing program involves Four Steps:

Step 1; Installing the Google Ads Retargeting Tag

The foundation of your remarketing campaign lies in the accurate installation of the Google remarketing tag. This tag is responsible for tracking the behavior of your website visitors. To set it up:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Locate and click on the Admin button positioned at the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Identify the property you wish to track and select it.
  4. Select Data Collection in Tracking Info.
  5. Activate Google Signals by toggling the first button under Data Collection. Ensure it displays as ON.
Step 2: Creating a Remarketing Group with Google Signals

Google Signals empowers you to segregate converted visitors from those who are retargetable. Here's how to create Google Ads remarketing lists:

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account and navigate to Tools, then select Audience Manager.
  2. Create a new audience by clicking the + button and selecting Website Visitors.
  3. Specify that the list members should be visitors to specific pages.
  4. Set the criteria to match any rule group for Visited Page.
  5. The page URL should be your Thank You Page URL.
  6. Option for Pre-Fill Options to populate the list with users who met the criteria within 30 days.
  7. Enter a membership duration of 90 days.
  8. After configuration, click Create Audience.
Step 3: Launching Your Remarketing Campaign

With your audience lists prepared, it's time to initiate the campaign setup:

  1. Log back into Google Ads and select Campaigns from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the + button and choose New Campaign.
  3. Option for Sales and review your conversion targets before proceeding.
  4. Review and confirm your conversion objectives.
  5. Select Display from the campaign types list and pick Standard Display Campaign.
  6. Provide essential details, including landing page information and a memorable campaign name. Proceed.
  7. Choose All Countries and Territories under locations, and select a relevant language.
  8. Option for Conversions and Automatically Maximize Underbidding. Continue.
  9. Tap Add Targeting, then Audience Segments, and then choose Website Visitors.
  10. Scroll down to find the second set of audiences (Website Visitors only) and proceed.
  11. Uncheck Use Optimized Targeting and click Next.
Step 4: Crafting Compelling Display Ads

Your remarketing campaign wouldn't be complete without engaging display ads. Here's how to ensure their effectiveness:

  1. Develop visually appealing images that capture attention.
  2. Incorporate your brand's logos to enhance recognition.
  3. Create captivating videos with compelling headlines and descriptions.
Common Errors that Should Be Avoided

Avoid Annoyance Do not annoy people by sending them too many ads nobody likes that!

Mobile-friendly Do not forget about mobile optimization, and make sure that your ads look great on phones and laptops. 

Fresh Creatives You can not use the same ad creatives more than once, keep things interesting!

Beat Ad Fatigue To avoid ad fatigue, do not use the same content too much.

Ethics and Best Practices in Remarketing

Respect the privacy of your users and follow the rules about data security. Users who are unwilling to see your tracking ads should be able to opt out in a clear way. Instead of being annoying, your ads should offer something of value.

If you are ready to take your digital marketing to the next level while getting amazing results, you should start your Remarketing Campaign with Google Ads right away as possible. Do you want to learn more interesting facts about the world of eCommerce? Please feel free to browse Seller Universe if you have an interest. It is packed with helpful, engaging content that keeps your attention and if you are interested in learning more, please subscribe to our newsletter.


Can I use remarketing on more than one website?

Yes, you should expand your targeting efforts to different platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

How do I find out if my remarketing strategy worked?

The conversion rate, click-through rate, cost per conversion, and return on investment are some of the most important measures to keep an eye on.

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