Best Shopify Apps for Reward Programs and Customer Loyalty

Best Shopify Apps for Reward Programs and Customer Loyalty

Today, most online retailers offer rewards. Everyone gives customers prizes, cashback, loyalty points, and more to get them to spend more.

That's where Shopify comes in. With the right apps, you can make your customer rewards and loyalty plan even better.

Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform in 2023, gives sellers a wide range of loyalty and rewards programs to choose from, all of which can be simply built into online storefronts.

Find out about the best and most popular loyalty and award apps in the Shopify App Store in this short but useful blog post by

We explain what these apps are and why they're useful, and we're confident that you'll see increased customer loyalty and sales with the help of these loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify, whether you're just starting out or have an established E-commerce business. 

So let’s go!

Shopify's loyalty and rewards apps can be added to the e-commerce platform to facilitate the development and administration of loyalty and rewards programs for customers.

These useful apps are designed to work in tandem with your Shopify store, and they can be used to drive customer loyalty through things like rewards for repeat purchases, active participation in your business, and recommendations to friends and family.

Most loyalty apps have analytics and reporting tools that let you keep an eye on important things like how engaged your customers are, how often they buy from you again, and how much money your reward program is making you.

Note: Most Shopify reward apps let you change the program to fit the style of your business. Most of the time, you can change the rules, awards, and branding.

The following list comprises the top 10 Shopify applications currently available for reward programs and customer loyalty.

1. Rivo -  Strong Shopify loyalty program app

Rivo, another strong Shopify loyalty software, helps you design fully customizable reward programs to boost sales and shop retention. 

It lets you construct point-based and VIP-tier loyalty programs like other reward apps. Use word-of-mouth marketing from existing consumers via a referral program.

Customers can earn points with 30+ pre-built activities and custom actions with Rivo. A loyalty page that matches your store branding is also included.

Fee plans: Rivo offers free plans for new stores with 150 monthly orders. Here are the paid plans:

Starting at $49/month for 500 monthly orders

Growth Plan: $189/month for 1,000 orders

Premium Plan: $349/month for 3,000 orders

Main Highlights: 

  • There are multiple ways to earn loyalty points
  • Allows you to offer appealing rewards
  • Has built-in pop-ups and various display options for incentive program promotion.
  • Highly customized loyalty landing page

2. - The Most Downloaded Shopify Loyalty App is another reliable Shopify loyalty app. It lets you design compelling reward programs to retain customers and increase sales.

It lets you establish point-based, VIP Tier-based, and hybrid loyalty programs.

The best thing is that you can reward customers for social sharing, rating and reviewing products, purchasing, and more with loyalty points. Rewards like free delivery, percentage discounts, gift cards, etc. can be thrilling.

Fee plans: Stamped's free plan allows 100 monthly orders. It offers three premium pricing plans based on purchase volume:

Premium Plan: $39/month, 500 orders

Business Plan: $149/month, 1500 orders

Professional Plan: $479/month, 3500 orders

If your store reaches 3,500 monthly orders, seek enterprise plan customer pricing.

Main Highlights: 

  • Custom loyalty program landing pages
  • Create a rewards page to promote your program.
  • Fully responsive, mobile-optimized, and theme-compatible.
  • Multilingual: English, French, German, 15+ language

3. Loloyal - The Best Shopify Customer Retention App

Loloyal, a top-rated Shopify loyalty software, lets you design a beautiful loyalty incentive program and enhance client retention with a 5-star rating. You can construct a point-based and VIP-tier loyalty program with multiple ways to earn and redeem points for tempting offers.

Offer free delivery, discounts, gift cards, and free products as rewards. You can build a referral program to transform loyal consumers into brand evangelists. You can offer discounts on future purchases to referrers and new consumers in the referral program.

Fee plans - Loloyal offers a free plan with 50 monthly orders. Unlimited orders, advanced analytics, branding, and integrations are available for $29/month.

Main Highlights: 

  • Set up point, referral, and VIP systems.
  • Give multiple ways to earn loyalty points
  • Redeem reward points for gift cards, free shipping, discounts, or free products.
  • 100% responsive and Shopify theme-compatible
  • Multiple-language support

4. Froonze - A Customer Account and Loyalty App

Froonze goes beyond Shopify loyalty. This tool enables you to create a stunning customer account page for your store where customers can manage orders, modify personal information, and track loyalty points.

Froonze lets you design a point-based loyalty program with several earning conditions and reward redemption alternatives. You can give customers points for every penny spent on your store to redeem for free delivery, set amounts, or percentage discounts.

Fee plans: Froonze offers a free plan for stores with up to 1,000 clients and a $5/month paid plan. The loyalty plugin costs $1/month for up to 100 monthly orders.

Main Highlights: 

  • Rewards customers for registering and buying at your store
  • Every client gets birthday loyalty points once a year.
  • Give loyal members great deals and free shipping.
  • Automate point and spend notifications by email.
  • Customers can maintain their profile and view their loyalty benefits and earnings on a dedicated account page.

5. Growave - The Most Effective Loyalty Program App for Shopify

Growave is an all-in-one marketing solution for creating attractive seller loyalty programs. It helps you establish point-based and VIP tier-based loyalty programs to reward customers for any conversion-related behavior.

Growave lets you show feedback from customers on your website. As with Stamped, it lets you encourage customers to provide reviews and upload product images for loyalty points.

Fee plans - Growave offers a free plan with 100 monthly orders and all features. All rewards program features are included in the $49/month premium plan.

Main Highlights: 

  • Let customers exchange points for gift cards, cash, percentage discounts, free shipping, etc.
  • After a purchase, automatically invite new and existing clients to join the program.
  • Add infinite VIP tiers to your loyalty program.
  • To increase client engagement, send automatic emails regarding point expiration, awards, and other activities.
  • Send customized emails with advice to help clients use loyalty points for better bargains and incentives.

6. - The most popular loyalty app for Shopify

One of the best Shopify loyalty applications,, encourages repeat purchases and increases customer retention by developing beautiful loyalty programs. 

Its simple editor enables you to add stop-scrolling banners and logos. You have full control over your loyalty program, reward members, and valuable analytics to boost conversions.

Fee plans: Start a referral program for free with Loyalty schemes require a subscription plan with advanced APIs and analytics reporting, starting at $49/month and rising to $599/month.

Main Highlights: 

  • Reward clients for account creation, social sharing, birthdays, purchases, and more.
  • Allow customers to exchange points for percentages, cash, or offers. free shipping/products
  • Actionable conditions let you tailor the loyalty program and set criteria for a specific consumer group.

7. BON Loyalty - Trustworthy Shopify Loyalty App

BON Loyalty is another great loyalty software that boosts retailer retention with a comprehensive reward program. Create a point-based loyalty program with over 18 methods to earn and use points for appealing prizes.

You can also use a VIP tier system to motivate clients to purchase more for additional points and prizes. BON lets you reward customers with discounts, free delivery, and free products.

Fee plans - Stores with up to 250 monthly orders can use BON Loyalty and its basic features for free. Here are the paid plans: 

Lite: $15/month, maximum 500 orders.

Growth - $99/month, unlimited orders, VIP Tiers

Professional - $349/month, limitless orders, enhanced features, and personal client support.

Main Highlights: 

  • You can give clients points for 18 actions, like newsletter subscriptions and social media follows.
  • Shopify POS lets customers earn and redeem points.
  • A loyalty widget on store sites can entice people to join your program.
  • Automate email messages to remind clients of incentives and activities.

8. Referral Candy -  Applauded Shopify Loyalty Program

Use Referral Candy to transform loyal customers into brand advocates to attract more customers. This excellent loyalty app lets you maximize consumer referral marketing and word-of-mouth promotion.

Customers who refer relatives and friends to your store can receive monetary incentives, bespoke gifts, or a percentage discount on their next purchase. You can even provide prospective customers with a similar incentive to act immediately.

Fee plans: ReferralCandy offers a free trial period of thirty days, and the premium plan begins at only $49 a month.

Main Highlights: 

  • Customers and referrals are immediately rewarded for successful recommendations.
  • It adds a referral widget to your Shopify store to invite clients to join your program.
  • It lets you run an on-branded referral program with banners, logos, text, etc.
  • It provides a dashboard and extensive information to track referral statistics and make informed decisions.

9. Rise AI - Shopify Loyalty Program and Gift Card App uses store credits, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more to boost Shopify conversion rates. It lets you create an intuitive customer loyalty program using automated shop rewards for excellent retention.

This amazing tool lets clients send customized gift cards to loved ones, enlightening them. Customers feel joyful, and your Shopify store gets a ‘plus’.

Fee plans - Raise AI basic plans, which cost $19–$599/month and provide limitless integration and advanced gift cards.

Main Highlights: 

  • Best of all, it automates mass gift card and voucher sending to customers.
  • When customers are unhappy with your goods, you might provide shop credits to keep them.
  • It lets you track the gift card recipient's email to send customized offers and promotions.
  • It allows tiered reward systems to elevate customers to VIP status.

10. Marsello - Shopify App for Loyalty and Rewarding

Are you creating an omnichannel sales strategy for Shopify? If so, Marsello is ideal.

Marsello increases Shopify store revenue by sending timely automated emails, SMS, and loyalty programs that increase traffic and conversion rates.

You can reward frequent buyers with extra points for product reviews and more with a loyalty program.

Fee Plans - The pricing plan is adjustable according to the integration platform, the number of customer sites, and the total number of customer accounts.

Main Highlights: 

  • Marsello's AI product recommendations are another highlight. 
  • Marsello integrates with Shopify POS to track client purchases. 
  • With this data, the computer suggests the best multi-purchased products.  

Why is it important to have loyalty and award apps?

Online businesses need loyalty and rewards apps because they offer many useful business features, including point-based reward systems, tiered rewards, referral programs, alerts, and even data.

Online businesses can increase customer loyalty, keep customers longer, and give customers a good shopping experience if they have the right loyalty and awards app for their brand. Customers will come back and even tell others about your brand if they have a good time with it.

Brands build lasting relationships with their customers through these apps, which increases the reach and success of their business.

Find the Shopify app that best suits your customer loyalty needs! 

For your Shopify store to succeed, you need to keep customers coming back and set up a good awards program. You can use these apps to help you reach your goal. Keep in mind that every store is different, so when choosing the right app for you, think about your goals and the people you want to reach.

Remember that establishing a relationship with your customers and giving them good deals are two ways to make shopping a pleasure that will keep them coming back for more. With these great Shopify apps, it's never been easier to keep customers coming back.

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Are there any tips or tricks for making a Shopify loyalty scheme work well?

Some best practices are to make sure customers understand the benefits of your loyalty program, to offer useful rewards, to promote the program through a variety of channels, and to keep looking at customer feedback and data to analyze and improve the program.

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