Guide on How to Write Bullet Points for an Amazon Product Description

Guide on How to Write Bullet Points for an Amazon Product Description

Take note that your product's success on Amazon depends on the quality of your bullet points!

What kind of thought do you put into making good
Amazon Bullet Points when you write your product listings? Are you having trouble coming up with Amazon bullet points that sell? How, then, can you ensure that they are effectively written? 

So keep on reading because, in this short article, we will discuss Amazon's Bullet Point Guidelines and how they could help your sales and conversion rate

Amazon's bullet points must showcase your listing's uniqueness and benefits to attract customers, and you know it's a very simple and effective way to inform potential buyers. Start each bullet point with the benefit to see the difference. People buy for benefits, not features, so starting with a benefit sells the customer on reading the rest of your bullet point.

A significant rule is the character limit, and your bullet points should not exceed 1,000 characters including spaces. If you count the spaces, a single bullet point should have between 200 and 250 characters. You can use up to five bullet points for each product description. Put a capital letter at the beginning of each bullet point. The most important thing is to avoid mentioning promotions, shipping charges, prices, or business information in your bullet points. 

Benefits of Having Bullet Points 

Amazon's bullet points benefits are overestimated. Why bother writing amazing bullet points? Well, the reason is that designed and optimized bullet points have several benefits, like;

Higher Conversions

  • If the goods you're selling help a certain cause,
  • The most important things about your goods
  • Any other information they might need.
  • Why should they trust you?
  • If your goods help them solve a problem or give them what they want.
  • Whether or not your product has a guarantee

Most buyers don't have time to read a lot of things before buying. Writing engaging content that addresses all of the above should increase your conversion rate.

More Tips on How to Write Amazon Bullet Points

  1. Make sure all bullet points are the same length, neither too short nor too long. 
  2. Pay attention to facts and important product features, not marketing copy. 
  3. Don't use HTML or other code to make fancy symbols in bullet points.
  4. Don't forget to use feelings as a way to make the product seem more useful and important.
  5. If you use bullet point emoji, don't use too many because it can make it hard for buyers to read about the product's main features.

Dos and Don'ts of Amazon Bullet Point

Do: Start with the most important thing

  • This step may take time, but it will pay off. Google your rivals on Amazon and note their bullet points. Put them into a spreadsheet and count how many times and where they occur in the five lists.

Don’t: Ignore Keyword Optimization

  • Avoid ignoring optimization when choosing bullet point keywords in favor of simplicity. You must Write down 10 powerful keywords and see how they suit, and If they can't, remove them. 

Bullet points improve sales in product listings. Even though you can't talk about pricing in your bullet points, you should still bring it up to show how affordable your prices are. Remember, if you follow all of the above rules and tips, you will be well on your way to writing amazing bullet points that sell. And If you're not using? Sign up now for your free trial to increase sales and earnings faster. If you're interested in learning more about the e-commerce world, check out Seller Universe for more interesting and engaging material that will teach you more. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of what's new.


How many bullet points are in the Amazon listing?

All products can contain five bullet points. Keep all five bullet points under 1,000 characters. This guideline aids reading. Product detail pages usually index bullet points, while Amazon Search does not.

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