How Do You Hire a Freelancer to Create Amazon Lifestyle Images?

How Do You Hire a Freelancer to Create Amazon Lifestyle Images?

Did you know that 93% of consumers decide what to buy based on product images? It's almost like saying product images are just as important as the product itself—or possibly more important than the product in certain ways.


Think about it—If you compare two similar listings, one with professional images and the other with amateur ones, the listing with professional images will almost certainly sell better. This tells us that if buyers care more about the product's function and quality, there wouldn't be any difference in sales between the two listings. So, professional images are the clincher. 


The question is, what are these professional images? How can they compel the consumers to buy? Also, can you create these images yourself? 


This article will explore the ability of the so-called "lifestyle images" to make your Amazon brand pop and why hiring a professional photographer and designer to create them is crucial.


What are lifestyle images, and how can they impact your Amazon sales?


You can create a lifestyle image of any product from any Amazon category by adding a human element to it. Instead of photographing the product alone, you snap it being used by a person. The resulting image evokes strong emotions that prompt action.


But what's the psychology behind this? 


It's not a complicated science, really. Every brand has a unique message for its target market, which can be conveyed in various ways. Creating images is one way. However, images can sometimes be inadequate and require a little action to get the message across. That's where the human element comes in.   


Any food product is an excellent example of this. Let's say you're selling chips, and you're targeting young adults aged 16 to 28. If your listing only consists of images of the packaging and its content, it will look boring and may even confuse some buyers about what the product truly is. You even risk attracting the wrong audience.


But if you use an image of a person or a group of young adults eating your chips while watching a game or hanging out, the consumers will instantly know your product is edible, suitable for a particular age group, and perfect for select situations. The lifestyle aspect of the image not only induces emotions but also provides additional information about your product.


Why can't you create lifestyle images of your products yourself?


If you haven't worked with many Amazon sellers and are not a professional photographer or digital artist, it's best not to do it yourself. Cutting corners in one of the most critical aspects of your online business is a recipe for failure. Here are some reasons to hire a professional to create your lifestyle images.


  • You may not have the proper photography and editing skills to turn your products into visual stunners. Having a DSLR camera and a bunch of random post-processing apps isn't enough.
  • Amazon has a long list of product image requirementsthat require a high level of expertise to adhere to. Many freelancers specializing in Amazon services know these requirements like the back of their hands. 
  • You may not have the necessary equipment and software to create crisp images and supporting graphics.
  • Your competitors invest in their freelancers because their research shows it pays off. Not having one on your team puts you at a disadvantage.


Why not just use customizable image templates?


With the high cost of hiring a freelancer, using customizable templates is a tempting prospect. But here's why it's not advisable.


  • Even if you include unique text and graphics, the images might still look similar to those of other listings using the same templates.
  • You can only customize these templates to a certain degree. What you need is an image that freely conveys your brand message and unique value proposition.


Where can you find a freelancer to create your Amazon lifestyle images?


Perhaps you're reluctant to hire a freelancer because you don't know where to look. Tell you what—freelance photographers and digital artists gather in the same places as other freelancers, and I bet you've already visited some of these places. 


  1. Job sites and freelance platforms: Below is a list of websites you can explore. Just remember that some of them are stricter than others when evaluating their freelancers. Hire a freelancer from a website with a comprehensive vetting system.
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Behance
  • 99designs
  • People Per Hour
  • Toptal
  • Simply Hired
  • FlexJobs
  • Dribble
  • Scoopshot
  • Bark
  • Thumbtack
  • Truelancer


  1. Local Studios: Hiring someone from your area is better than hiring remotely for apparent reasons. You can meet and assess them in person, and it's also easier to send your products to them for the photoshoots. Many local studios and photographers can hire models from their network to pose for your Amazon images.


  1. Social media: One of the fastest ways to reach out to qualified freelancers is by posting your job opening on social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This will be even more effective if you already have a huge following. 


How to Evaluate a Freelancer


The pictures you use on your listings represent not only your products but your brand. In other words, you're entrusting the image of your Amazon business to your photographer or graphic designer. So, it's only fitting to be meticulous when evaluating candidates. Assuming you've already picked your Top 5, here are the next steps.


Step 1: Visit their profiles and read reviews about them.


Job sites like Upwork and Fiverr allow employers to leave reviews on freelancers. Reading these reviews on each candidate gives you insight into their performance and character. If you feel like the reviews weren't honest because some employers fake their reviews to avoid retaliation, look elsewhere or contact the employers directly to find out their real thoughts.


Step 2: Ask for a portfolio.


Nothing proves a freelancer's expertise better than their portfolio, a collection of their best work with detailed descriptions of their goals and how they achieved them. Through their portfolio, you can determine if their expertise matches your needs or if they are flexible enough to switch to different approaches and still produce excellent outputs. 


Step 3: Ask for any relevant certifications.


No licenses are needed to become a photographer or digital artist. However, a serious professional would invest in training or proper education to advance their knowledge. While many untrained photographers and digital artists have excellent portfolios, it would be best to look for one who has certificates from taking multiple courses and attending relevant conferences. 


Step 4: Ask what tools they use for creating lifestyle images. 


If you're wondering how some product images on Amazon look like the Hubble Telescope took them, it's because their creators use various equipment and software for post-processing. 

Give preference to the freelancer with high-quality camera equipment and a fully equipped studio with lighting. This freelancer should also have Adobe Suite, Corel Painter, Procreate, and other programs to enhance the images and design infographics and posters you can include in your listings.


Step 5: Ask about their process and turnaround time.


Find out how they handle projects from start to finish to get a good sense of their work ethics, efficiency, and resourcefulness. You'll also learn how they take pressure and how much time they need to finish specific projects. You must know their turnaround time because it must align with your schedule and targets. 


Step 6: Ask how much they charge. 


Because there are no existing regulations for this profession, photographers and digital artists can choose their fees based on their experience, resources, and skills. They may charge anywhere from $20/hour to $200/hour. Some may ask for a fixed monthly rate if they determine that the volume of work is sufficient. You can negotiate the rate based on your initial assessment. 


Hire a Freelancer to Transform Your Amazon Images


Amazon photos consist not just of lifestyle images but also of infographics, posters, and other materials that can further educate your buyers about your products. This means you need someone who is well-versed in photo capturing and editing using a combination of various advanced tools. Unless you have spare time to learn these things, it would be best to hire a professional to get the ball rolling for your Amazon business fast. Use this guide to hire your first freelancer.

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