How to buy from Alibaba and Resell it on Amazon?

How to buy from Alibaba and Resell it on Amazon?

By purchasing from Alibaba and selling on Amazon, you can increase the profit you make as an Amazon seller.

Did you know that many Amazon sellers use Alibaba as a source of products due to its user-friendliness and, well, low costs? If you're creative and have good e-commerce trading skills, trying to expand your business in order to make the greatest profit, consider buying from Alibaba and selling on Amazon.

Alibaba and Amazon are two of the most popular places to buy and sell things online. In this short blog post, let us look at how to buy something on Alibaba and then sell it on Amazon, as well as why this is a good idea

Alibaba is a famous B2B eCommerce platform that connects sellers, brands, and manufacturers for millions of products. Here you can develop your brand-specific items. Alibaba facilitates bulk purchases for businesses to resell online or in shops, unlike Amazon. Alibaba links resellers and suppliers to offer quality products at reasonable costs on its platform. 

Note; Starting a new business, such as reselling from Alibaba to Amazon, was harder than it looked. You must choose a product, analyze risks, and determine if the business is practical and profitable.

Is it legal to resell products bought on Alibaba?

The answer is yes; it is legal to sell on Amazon products bought from Alibaba.  

There's no need to worry as long as the items you're selling comply with the terms of the Amazon seller agreement and local laws and regulations. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any risks involved in the Alibaba-to-Amazon distribution network.

This is the guide on How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon

After choosing a product to sell, make sure it matches your standards and start sourcing. Below are the guidelines on how to buy products from Alibaba and sell them on Amazon;

1. Sign Up for an Account on Alibaba - The only way to get in touch with potential suppliers on Alibaba is to sign up for an account. 

2. Contact the seller on Alibaba - If you have any questions or concerns regarding the goods, it is best to address them with the seller before completing an order. 

3. Ask for a Sample - Always collect a sample first. Products often seem different in photos or are low-quality. Be sure to try before buying. Start by ordering a few products.

4. Supplier Details Check - Check if the supplier knows Amazon FBA standards, and has trade insurance, destination country authorization, and shipment terms. Check if he can make more goods if needed.

Online sellers prefer Alibaba to Amazon for these reasons!

1. Lower Price - Alibaba gives business owners lower pricing than other wholesalers and distributors. The new business connects resellers directly to Chinese producers, eliminating brokers. 

2. Wide Product Option - Business owners buy from Alibaba because of its product variety. Alibaba offers sellers a huge selection of stock at affordable prices that may not be available from traditional and local suppliers. 

3. Customization: Amazon sellers choose Alibaba for product sourcing due to customization. Alibaba lets resellers add logos and better packaging to their purchases. 

4. Minimum Order - The minimum order quantity when dealing with suppliers is usually tight. Alibaba to Amazon FBA transactions allow resellers to test new products without placing huge orders.  

Here are the Options for Making Payments on Alibaba Purchases!

Amazon sellers who buy goods from Alibaba suppliers can pay those suppliers in a number of ways, including the ones mentioned below:

1. Bank Transfer (T/T)

2. Credit Card

3. Online Bank Payment Western Union

4. Online Transfer

5. Paypal, Apple Pay

6. Letter of Credit (L/C)

A small reminder; Always utilize safe payment methods when dealing with foreign suppliers. Payments made outside of the platform can cause delays or lead to being taken advantage of by dishonest sellers. 

What are the risks of buying things from Alibaba and reselling them on Amazon?

The following is a list of the most common problems that may result from making a purchase on Alibaba.

1. Poor quality products

2. The product seems different from the photo

3. Crime in money transactions

4. Seller or distributor who can't be trusted

Using Alibaba to run a business is a great and still useful way to build an online business quickly. You will need to put in a lot of money and be ready to work hard at first, but you will make money right away. Make sure you keep an eye on the quality of the things you sell. It is also very important to keep up with changes to Amazon's rules and policies. 

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Can I Trust Alibaba's Safety for Online Shopping?

It is safe. is safe for businesses operating online. But is a B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers, not a provider. So, is trustworthy, but the buyer/seller must be too.

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