List of 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Your Online Store

List of 10 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Your Online Store

Google Chrome is used by billions of Internet users around the world, and the best browser extensions have been made to work perfectly with this popular browser.

It takes both skill and knowledge to run a good online store. You have to come up with creative ways to sell your business, give great customer service, and keep up with the latest e-commerce trends. 

Are you currently using Chrome or a browser that works with the Chrome Web Store, and do you have an online store?

Technology is here to help, and Google Extensions is one of the best tools you have at your fingertips. 

With the many Chrome apps made to make it easier to run an online store, you can simplify your operations, improve the way your website works, and increase your overall productivity.

You must keep on reading because, in this short blog post, we'll go over a complete list of must-have Chrome extensions that can change the way you handle and grow your online store. Let’s go! 

Chrome extensions are small pieces of software or apps that you can add to your browser to change how it works and make it easier to do certain things.

You don't need to worry since it is safe to use Chrome extensions downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Google inspects and keeps tabs on extensions for compliance and security. To avoid any security issues, it is important to read reviews from other users and only install reliable extensions.

Some of the benefits of Chrome extensions are the following:

  • By adding more features to Google Chrome, you can make it fit your needs.
  • Time and effort are saved. You may be able to do some jobs with fewer clicks because of the extensions.
  • Getting things done without leaving the window you're in for travel
  • Getting alerts and updates about things that interest you
  • Some extensions can tell you useful things about the page you are looking at.

They work as extra tools and generally have a free version with basic options and a paid or premium version with more advanced tools.

Note: Don't mix up Google Chrome extensions with other kinds of add-ons, like plugins, modules, or apps that you install from your store. Chrome extensions are added to the menu bar, and they only change how you browse.

Do I need to know how to work with computers in order to use Chrome apps for my online store?

Most Chrome apps are made to be easy to use and don't need a lot of technical know-how. But it helps to have a general idea of how your online store works and how the apps can help you.

Can I change Chrome extensions to fit the needs of my online store?

Some Chrome extensions come with choices that let you change them to fit your needs. Check the settings or options page of the extension for ways to change it.

Here are the top 10 lists of Must-Have Chrome extensions for your online store!

1. SimilarWeb - Check out your competitors

You will be able to look into and closely study the competition with the help of SimilarWeb. In fact, this Chrome extension lets you scan the pages of rival stores and check the traffic of the site in question, so you can see its main metrics. This will help you stand out in your business and improve your SEO.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

To place yourself in a new market, you need to know a lot about your competitors. SimilarWeb gives you the tools you need to stand out.

2. Notes for google drive - Save and find all your notes automatically

Are you someone who keeps notes on their phone, computer, or post-it and realizes this organization is not for them? You may enjoy the Chrome Notes for Google Drive addon if you value having everything in one place. Notes for Google Drive is one of the most useful Chrome extensions since it lets you effortlessly create notes in Chrome and save them to Google Drive.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

This easy Chrome extension lets you drag and drop notes to organize and consult them without searching. Your ideas will be easier to organize and find.

3. Speedtest by Ookla - Test your internet connection

If you have large files to send, notice slowness during video interviews, or even during daily tasks, use the Chrome extension Speedtest by Ookla to test your internet connection directly from your toolbar.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

With Speedtest by Ookla, you can do your speed test right from the menu on Google Chrome.

4. The SEOquake - To get good at SEO

If you have digital marketing experience, you may know about SEOquake. Like SimilarWeb, this Chrome plugin lets you see your site's and competitors' SEO analytics (keywords, backlinks, and traffic sources). Popular Chrome extensions include SEOquake, one of the most useful.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

Getting to know the measurements of your competitors is a great way to learn how to improve your own SEO work and optimize it.

5. Shoptimate - Adjust your prices exactly to the market

Do you struggle to define your offer and price it competitively? The Google Chrome Shoptimate plugin may help. The latter lets you compare product pricing in your market and adjust your offer to that of your competitors. It's the ideal instrument for staying competitive.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

When trying to find a place in a market, it's not always easy to know what prices to charge to be both profitable and competitive. With the help of a tool like Shoptimate, you'll know what approach to use.

6. Merci app - Write all your words without making mistakes.

Are you responsible for producing product sheets and website content but doubt your spelling and grammar? Why not utilize a tool to ensure you compose texts without errors if you're worried about your online store's image? With Merci-app, a French Chrome extension that proofreads online, you may write without worrying about errors.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

Immaculately written texts contribute to an overall improvement in the image of your brand.

7. User Agent Switcher -  Surf in top-secret mode

User-Agents are text strings provided to servers when you visit the internet that reveal device information like operating system, browser name, version, etc. The Chrome User Agent Switcher extension lets you change your browser's user agent effortlessly.

Why should you add this to Chrome?

The Chrome User Agent Switcher extension lets you change your user agent and simulate any other user agent to visit a site's mobile version on your PC or test your site's browser compatibility. Choose with one click.

8. Wappalyzer - This lets you find out what technologies your rivals use.

The Wappalyzer tool is useful when creating an online store since it lets you identify the technology behind the stores that inspire you. This will show you the content management systems, analysis tools, programs, etc. utilized by the sites you like.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

This Chrome extension is useful for constructing an online store from scratch. You can gain insight into your competitors' strategies and draw inspiration from them.

9. Keywords EverywhereImprove your SEO

Are you looking to list your site but are not SEO-savvy? Try the Keywords Everywhere Chrome plugin for a boost. For e-commerce stores, this addon helps find the best keywords. You may see the monthly searches and cost per click for your keywords. Everywhere provides related terms, including the most searched for online.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

Mastering SEO is one of the best ways to get people to see your online store. With keywords everywhere, your natural linking will improve like never before.

10. Koala Inspector - Spy tool for Shopify and Dropship

In just one click, you will be able to obtain valuable information about the store you are visiting, such as themes, installed apps, number of products in the store, the best-selling products, the latest products published, price range, average monthly visits, traffic sources, visitors demographic profile, and social links.

Why should you add this to Chrome? 

There is never a cost. It's easy to use and shows up in stores with just one click. It works right away, is quick, and doesn't take up much space.

When I no longer require them, can I remove the Chrome extensions?

Yes, you can remove Chrome extensions whenever you like. Simply right-click the extension's icon in Chrome's toolbar, pick "Remove from Chrome," and then confirm the uninstallation.

Your success story is waiting!

When it comes to online shopping, these Chrome apps are your best friends. They will help you improve operations, make your online store better for search engines, and give your customers an amazing experience. Add these tools to your collection, and your online store will rise to new heights.

Remember that getting ahead of the competition is about more than just SEO. It's also about giving your customers more value than anyone else. So, go ahead and use these must-have Chrome apps to boost your online store today. 

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Why does my online store need Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions can help you handle and improve your online store's SEO, marketing, customer service, and order processing, among other things. They can save time, get more done, and boost sales in the long run.

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