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  • What is Foundr? 
  • What courses do they offer? 
  • Do I get a certificate?
  • Is it worth it?


What is Foundr?

Foundr is not your basic “go-to agency” because it’s not an agency! It’s an education and media company. In this platform, the teachers are actually world-class entrepreneurs. So, what you learn is based on what they’ve experienced multiple times during their business journey.

They already know the dos and don’ts in the game. And what they give? Actionable advice. Their reach? Global! They’ve filtered it all for you to build your business—the right tools, tips and techniques. They publish it as magazines, podcasts, books, and courses.

If you want to learn by listening, Foundr got you! If you want to learn and be excited at the same time, no problem. Foundr only works with founders and the help they give you is the exact thing they’ve done that led them to their success. 

What courses do they offer?


They offer paid courses (and free mini courses!) ranging from Start and Scale by Gretta Van Riel on how to launch your business to Triple your business by Steve McLeod on how to grow revenue up to 10x. They will help you in starting your business up to growing your business and reaching the top.

You’d have to pay for the courses but hey, just the courses. No subscription fee, no monthly fee or whatever shady. Not just that, because you have the comfort of learning through your mobile phone! Isn’t that something we love? The world within our hands. 

Do I get a certificate? 


They don’t but if you sign up for courses, you’d get much more than a certificate. They give bonus videos, templates, E-Commerce connections, toolkits and more! They also have a 2-for-1 bonus which includes your business partner or team member to join the course so that you’d be on the same page. 

Is it worth it? 


Absolutely! Hearing success stories of entrepreneurs who reached the top is what inspires other people. And you can be like them if you dedicate your time with Foundr. They give you not only what you want to learn, but what you need to learn in the field.  


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