Google Courses

Google Courses

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  • What is Google Skillshop? 
  • What are the courses offered?
  • How long do these courses last?
  • Why choose Google Skillshop?

What is Google Skillshop?


Google hopped into the E-Commerce business, too! Google has been helping us with researches and now, with E-Commerce. Google Skillshop is a platform that offers a free e-learning course with a certificate that is designed by Google product experts. Google Skillshare helps you in growing your business or your career.

Google Digital Garage is also a Google course but a different training and focuses on Digital Marketing, while Skillshop offers courses for Google Ads, Google for Education, Google Marketing Platform, Analytics Academy, Google My Business, YouTube, Google Ad Manager, Waze Fundamentals E-Learning, Google AdMob, Authorized Buyers, and Android Enterprise Academy. 


What are the courses offered? 


Google Skillshop offers a broad category of courses with different topics discussed. And you’ll receive a certification to boost your credentials once you’ve taken the assessments. There are 17 courses offered by Google Digital Garage divided into 3 different categories with Google as the course provider. Digital Marketing has 9 courses, Career Development has 4 courses, and Data and Tech has 4 courses. If you want to be specific, you can click the browse button to choose topics and courses.


How long do these courses last?


You can choose the length of the courses you would take ranging from less than 2 hours up to 40 hours. You can also select the level of difficulty with the courses you take. There are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You get to work at your own pace with Google Skillshop and Google Digital Garage. 


Why choose Google? 


Google is known to give us knowledge whenever, wherever. So, would you doubt Google? Of course not because come on, it’s Google! Google gives us organized, flexible and professional training courses. It is a one-stop shop for those who want to learn on different platforms. And did I mention it’s a free course? Guess I did. Well, Google has done it again.


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