LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

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  • What is LinkedIn Learning? 
  • What courses are offered? 
  • Do I get a certificate?
  • Why choose LinkedIn Learning? 

What is LinkedIn Learning?


LinkedIn Learning courses are very detailed that each topic has different subtopics that will help you in every way. You can think of it as a library with different categories and for each category, you’ll have different topics, for every topic, there would be a subtopic. And imagine learning that in a short time. Usually when you sit in a class, it would take years to learn everything. But with LinkedIn Learning, you can finish it without delay. 

What courses are offered?


You get that excitement upon scrolling through their website because they offer a lot of courses! From E-Commerce Fundamentals to your Startup Plan to Digital Marketing to E-Skimming. At the end of every course, you’ll be proud of yourself for all the knowledge who’ve got. The Beginner level offers 158 courses, the Intermediate level offers 92 courses, and the Advanced level offers 32 courses and that’s just for the E-Commerce field. There are paid courses that you can have unlimited access to. There are also 430 free courses that you can access. 

Do I get a certificate?


Absolutely! And the best part, aside from the downloadable certificate, is that you can immediately add it to your LinkedIn profile. The certificate is only for LinkedIn Learning Premium subscribers. Though the certificate is not accredited, it’s a way to boost your credentials. 

Why choose LinkedIn Learning? 


One way to find a job is through LinkedIn. So when you take courses from LinkedIn Learning, your profile will look good with the certificates. If you are new to the E-Commerce business, this is where you’d start because LinkedIn Learning is easy to navigate and has a lot to offer. From Beginner to Advanced level. 


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