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  • What is Skillshare?
  • What are the courses offered? 
  • Do I get a certificate? 
  • Is it free? 
  • Why choose Skillshare? 



What is Skillshare?



Skillshare’s main aim is empowering. This website allows the community to learn and give back at the same time. Skillshare is a community and in this platform, members are appreciated and they find inspiration with each other. Some people work better in groups, right? And for those people, Skillshare is the place to be. You have a choice on what courses to focus because there are a lot. Not only will you learn from your teachers but also the members of Skillshare. 

What are the courses offered?


Offering a broad variety of courses such as Animation, Fine Arts, Music, Online Businesses, Web Development and Productivity. You can learn the courses in more or less an hour! Though it depends on the topic of the course, such as Build a Micro-Brand for your E-Commerce: Branding, Skills, Success Drivers that takes about 12 minutes and Building a Production E-Commerce with React/Redux which takes about 3 hours.

The courses are either Original, which means that the course is done by Skillshare’s content team, or Staff Pick, which means the teacher is given a badge for giving top quality contents. In the business courses, they are categorized into different topics. You can mix and match the courses depending on what you know best that you want to improve and what you know least that you want to learn.


Marketing Course

In this category, you’ll know more about the branding, content marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing. 

Online Business Analytics Classes

In this category, analytics, data science, and business intelligence are discussed.  In the E-Commerce world, it is not about the marketing and sales of the products. You have to know the specifics and the numbers it may give to your business. 

Online Freelance & Entrepreneurship Classes

In this category, you can enhance your knowledge about business development, home business, and sales. 

Do I get a certificate? 


Sadly, you won’t get a certificate when you finish the course. But on the brighter side, you can post your class projects to prove you’ve actually taken the course. Don’t worry because it’s good to add a new project to your portfolio, right? Your eagerness to learn is what landed you in these courses so as long as you’ve learned something new and it has helped you and your business, that’s great! 

Is it free? 


You have 2 choices. You can either sign to access free courses or you can go premium. There are a lot of free courses to take but they cannot take premium courses. For premium members, they have unlimited access for all the courses. You can also apply for a scholarship. Student Scholarships are for those who have a valid .edu address. Premium Scholarships are for those people who are in need. 

Why choose Skillshare?


Skillshare is about give and take. The community respects and learns from each other. It is inspiring to see a platform that uses the creativity and camaraderie of its people to create good acts. Truly, humanity restored! Think about the knowledge handed to you with the right resources and by right people.

Skillshare has different activities and recently, with the world stressing about the pandemic, they made an effort through One Project, One Mask. One Project, One Mask is an initiative to donate a piece of personal protective equipment for every project shared on Skillshare to One Million Mask, a project to help healthcare workers be protected. One act of kindness from the community and it is turned into something greater. Kudos, Skillshare! 

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