American Express Blue

American Express Blue

With financial flexibility benefits that include cash advances, the American Express Blue Card may be the perfect credit card for you. 

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  • What is American Express? 
  • What is American Express Blue? 


What is American Express? 


American Express is a financial corporation that offers products and services such as credit cards, corporate programs, prepaid cards, gift cards, and savings accounts.


What is American Express Blue? 


The company offers cards with appealing features like percentage cashback in various establishments, flexible payment options, and membership rewards.

American Express Blue offers the following benefits: 


Reward Point

For every dollar worth of purchases, the company will give you one Membership Rewards® point. The points you accumulate can then be spent on shopping gift certificates, home appliances, gadgets, and more.


Discount and Privilege

Cardholders can enjoy up to a 50% discount when making shopping, dining, leisure, and wellness transactions. 


Easy Pay Installment

You can pay on an installment basis when purchasing appliances, furniture, gadgets, jewelry, or clothes in over 11,000 partner stores nationwide. 



Customers are given complimentary purchase protection on items purchased overseas worth up to $1,000, with a maximum of $5,000 yearly.



The company has a Frequent Traveler Option that allows cardholders to convert their Membership Rewards® points into miles with 5 Frequent Flyer Program partners. You can also choose to convert your accumulated Membership Rewards® points to hotel loyalty points for complimentary stays.


Customer Service

The customer service hotline is available 24/7.



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