Air Humidifier Diffuser

Air Humidifier Diffuser



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$15.11 - 16.32





Humidifiers have a lot of benefits to our body. This ultrasonic humidifier produces a cool mist with the help of an ultrasonic vibrator. It can help people who experience dry skin, irritated eyes, dryness in the throat, allergies.

Frequent coughs, bloody noses, headaches and more. This can also be used as your night lamp during bed time. Double purpose so it is really worth it.  An ultrasonic humidifier (especially the cool-mist version) is a good choice if you have children and babies. Try this out to prove its effectiveness! 

How to market it: 


For this humidifier, you can market it through a short film of a certain person who’s experiencing frequent coughs and colds or a person who’s having a hard time to breathe at night.

You can show in a video the difference of having a humidifier at home. Turn it on, and the person will eventually have  a good night sleep and feel better the next morning.

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