Baby Carrier Hip Seat

Baby Carrier Hip Seat



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If you want to have your hands free when you are out and at the same time having your baby with you, this product is perfect for you!

Baby carriers are soft padded carriers that you wear on your front to carry your baby on your chest or back.

This will be convenient for parents out there because they can walk freely without worrying about the crowds or places where you can push a stroller. There are also studies that show and prove that babies worn in slings are happier and it promotes physical development. 

How to market it: 


You can film a true to life story of a mother who uses this baby carrier. She can share her experiences with people and how this product changed her life with her baby.

She can also include sharing the benefits of this carrier, it’s convenience and the ways on how and when you should use it.

When people know that it is a true story and experience, there’s a very high chance that they will be interested in buying and trying it out.

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