Bite Extractor / Itch Relief 

Bite Extractor / Itch Relief 



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Ever since we were younger, we really did not know how to deal with bites. Most of the time, we just end up scratching them until they leave unflattering scars on our bodies.

This extractor will lessen the irritation and itch caused by stubborn bug bites. And not only is it cheap and easy to use, but you can take them with you on camping trips and travels—literally hassle-free! 

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  1. North Dakota 
  2. South Dakota 
  3. Wisconsin 
  4. Kentucky 
  5. Missouri 

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Begin the advertisement with a group of girl scouts camping—all of them are having fun. At one point, it gets dark, and the children get bitten by mosquitoes and other kinds of bugs. The mood suddenly changes, and the girl scouts become upset and irritated.

However, the captain of the group steps in and introduces the product. Once they get rid of the irritation and itch of the bites, the girl scouts enjoy their camp once again. 

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