Disinfecting or Sanitizing Floor Mat

Disinfecting or Sanitizing Floor Mat




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Due to the global pandemic, all of us did our part in trying to stay alive and to stay healthy. Even after a year has passed, the Corona Virus is still present up to this day. In order to keep our house and family safe, we need to have these floor mats that will help sanitize our feet and shoes before going inside the house. Based on how the floor mat is designed, you will see that one side is the “wet side” that will disinfect and sanitize our shoes, and the other side is the “dry side” which will help dry the shoes before going inside the house to avoid having wet shoe marks on the floors.

This floor mat has 3 layers. It has an anti skid bottom to avoid slipping and scratching the floors, a foam layer in the middle and a high density fiber cloth at the top. It is durable and made of high quality materials. You can place these floor mats anywhere in your house. You can place it on every door entrance of your house, also on the doors of bedrooms, inside the bathrooms and even the kitchen.

How to market it: 


Make a video where the mom just arrived home from the grocery store, and the dad and the teenage son arrived home from work. Upon entering the house, they made sure that they came in one at a time, and wiped their shoes on the “wet side” of the floor mat first, and then wiped it on the “dry side” of the floor mat before stepping in to the house. They were greeted by the grandparents who are living with them and also their young daughter. After their baths, they enjoyed each other's company and ate dinner.


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