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Mini Bag Sealer




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Most of us end up eating the whole bag of chips because we think its contents will get stale if we store the bag half finished. And most of the time, they do get stale and lose flavor.

This product will put a stop to that by sealing the bags shut, as if they were never opened. This way, we get to save some potato chips for movie night the next day. 

This mini bag sealer only needs batteries, and all you have to do is slide it along the opening of the bag and voila, you have an air-tight half-full bag of chips. 


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  1. Florida 
  2. New York 
  3. Texas 
  4. California 

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You get home, excited to eat your favorite potato chips you opened the day before. However, once you start chewing on the chips, you instantly notice that they have lost their crispness and flavor.

You then discover someone using a portable bag concealer on TikTok and immediately order one for yourself. You get amazed at how easy the product is to use and how high-quality it is. 

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