Motivational Water Bottle

Motivational Water Bottle



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People need to take care of themselves now more than ever, and one way to do that is by drinking enough water. We all know that water is good for us and all the reasons why our bodies need it, but it is challenging to keep track of our water intake.

This product will remind you to stay hydrated while serving as a cute water bottle. 

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  1. New Jersey 
  2. Virginia 
  3. Tennessee
  4. Minnesota
  5. South Carolina 


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The timeline of the advertisement will follow the marks on the water bottle. The opening scene will start with the actor waking up at 8 am and then drinking water first thing in the morning. Then, the following clips will be a time-lapse of the actor doing other activities during succeeding time marks on the bottle. 

This is similar to a short and quick "A Day in My Life," but focusing on the actor drinking from the water bottle.

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