Multi-purpose Cleaning Gel

Multi-purpose Cleaning Gel




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Even the most thorough cleaning techniques won’t help you get into the tiniest spaces, like between keyboards, camera lenses, calculators, and air conditioners. Moreover, to get rid of the stubborn dirt between them, you will need something flexible, reusable, and convenient. 

With just a few dollars, this gel will help you remove all the dirt quickly and last you two years. Compared to other cleaning gels, this product will not stick to the surface and is not easily breakable.

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  1. Colorado 
  2. Connecticut 
  3. Indiana 
  4. Tennessee
  5. Maryland 


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Before and after videos will be effective in advertising the product. The clips can show a frustrated driver making many attempts to thoroughly clean his air conditioner and stick shift or a teen trying to get rid of all the food crumbs in between his keyboards. Moreover, demonstrations on how to use the product correctly will also be a good approach.  

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